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Approaches developed in the physical sciences can offer deep insights into the nature of living systems: the quantitative nature of physics and mathematics has immense predictive power.  We use these methods to tackle on a wide range of scientific and societal problems, from antimicrobial resistance and bone mineralisation, to biofuel generation and autonomous systems for environmental monitoring.

Our group combines experiment and simulation in order to tackle complex biophysical problems, and we have a large and mature network of collaborators at the University and beyond.  The focus of our subgroup has been enhanced by the frequent seminars at the virtual Biological Physical Sciences Institute (BPSI), led by Mark Leake.

Research themes in our group include:

  • Design and application of high-performance electron and optical microscopy systems to unravel the behaviour of biological systems
  • Modelling and experiments aimed at understanding the physics of DNA and other biopolymers
  • Technology development for healthcare applications and research into health disorders