Using experimental, theoretical and computational techniques and supported by state-of-the-art facilities, we create and study a variety of advanced materials and nanostructures.

The scope of our work is broad - from materials design and theoretical modelling to materials synthesis and device fabrication - with a special focus on nanoscale characterisation.

Our group consists of approximately 70 academics, post-doctoral researchers and PhD students.


  • Dr Richard Evans
  • Atomistic spin dynamics, advanced magnetic materials, spintronics.
  • Dr Keith McKenna
  • Predictive materials modelling for applications in energy, electronics and catalysis.
  • Dr Steve Tear
  • Scanning electron and probe microscopies, surface science.
  • Dr Laurence Wilson
  • Biophysics, high-speed microscopy, holographic microscopy and light scattering.
  • Dr Jing Wu
  • Femto-magnetism and spinwave dynamics.
    Quantum transport, spin-orbit effects, 2D materials.
    Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy, Materials Science
    Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy, Materials Science.
    Computational Magnetism
    • Dr Yue Wang
    • Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow

    Nanotechnology, 2D material devices
  • Dr Sitki Aktas
  • Dr Xiao Duan
  • Dr James Hussey
  • Dr Christopher Reardon
  • Photonics.
  • Dr Chuan-Jia Tong
  • Density functional theory, materials modelling.
  • Razvan Ababei
  • Sophie Albosh
  • Shuayl Alotaibi
  • Ohoud Nasser Alsaqer
  • Irene Azaceta
  • Isabel Barth
  • Philip Bentley
  • Toby Bird
  • Marcus Cameron
  • Daniel Cheshire
  • Daniel Clarke
  • Frederico Ferreira De Sousa
  • Manuel Deckart
  • Alexander Drayton
  • George Duffett
  • Luke Elliott
  • Abdul Razak El-Maslmane
  • Michael Entwistle
  • Jennifer Ferguson
  • Joseph Gompertz
  • Sarah Jenkins
  • Adam Kerrigan
  • James Lees
  • Guanqi Lu
  • Daniel Meilak
  • Peter Mills
  • Andrew Naden
  • Genadi Antonov Naydenov
  • Binh Nguyen
  • Sam Orchard
  • Joseph Pearse
  • Giampaolo Pitruzello
  • Monika Pranjic
  • James Quirk
  • Samuel Rannala
  • Lewis Reeves
  • Jan-Ole Risske
  • Zhengyuan Shan
  • Hannah Skelt
  • Mara Strungaru
  • Emma Tong
  • Alessandro Veneri
  • Jack Wetherall
  • Jacob Wilkins

Application areas

We apply our collective expertise to four key research areas:


Our researchers have strong links to several leading interdisciplinary research centres, including:

The York JEOL Nanocentre

A UK centre of excellence for in-situ and environmental aberration-corrected electron imaging and spectroscopy, providing an environment for interdisciplinary nanotechnology research and teaching for academia and industry.

York Centre for Quantum Technologies

An initiative aimed at further developing the University’s substantial expertise into quantum research. The Centre aims to foster new collaborations across all areas of quantum theory, and in particular their applications to emerging quantum technologies.

Centre for Energy Efficient Materials

This Centre studies novel materials for energy-related research such as photovoltaics and materials related to the reduction of energy consumption, such as spintronics as well as energy storage and conversion.


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