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General Introduction

The Conference on Photonic and Electromagnetic Crystal Structures (PECS) is the prime meeting of the photonic crystal and metamaterial communities. The goal of PECS is to bring together the leading researchers in the world to discuss the latest developments in the field of photonic nanostructures and their applications, and to disseminate their results to the next generation of researchers.

Recent developments have created an atmosphere of excitement in anticipation of the next series of imminent technological breakthroughs. In PECS-XII, we will review recent significant advances and discuss future research directions. For each field, we solicit contributions in the areas of theory and fundamentals, fabrication and characterisation, and novel device applications. Please join us on July 17-21, 2016 in York, UK, for what promises to be a stimulating and exciting research conference.

Registration and Abstract submission for PECS-XII is now open follow this link to register now - registration - or this link to submit an abstract - abstract submission.

Group Photo - 20th July, 2016

PECS-XII delegate group photo


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Contact Details

Technical IssuesOrganisational Issues

Prof. Thomas F. Krauss
Department of Physics
University of York
YO10 5DD

Dr Christopher Reardon
Department of Physics
University of York
YO10 5DD

Previous PECS

  • PECS-I : Laguna Beach, USA, Jan. 6-8, 1999
  • PECS-II : Sendai, Japan, Mar. 8-10, 2000
  • PECS-III : St Andrews, UK, Jun. 9-14, 2001
  • PECS-IV : Los Angeles, USA, Oct. 28-31, 2002
  • PECS-V : Kyoto, Japan, Mar. 7-11, 2004
  • PECS-VI : Pelagia, Greece, Jun. 19-24, 2005
  • PECS-VII : Monterey, USA, Apr. 8-11, 2007
  • PECS-VIII : Sydney, Australia, Apr. 5-9, 2009
  • PECS-IX : Granada, Spain, Sep. 26-30, 2010
  • PECS-X : Santa Fe, USA, Jun. 3-8, 2012
  • PECS-XI : Shanghai, China, May 11-15, 2014