The Physics Awards Day

The Physics Awards Day is our opportunity to celebrate the people who make up our Physics community at the University of York. With awards celebrating citizenship, teaching and even good humour, this is a day that reflects the diverse nature of our Department. 

The Awards ceremony will be held 2pm - 4pm on Wednesday 2nd May 2018 in the Spring Lane Lecture Theatre.

Makes a Difference

Make a Difference Awards

Postgraduate Makes a Difference
  • 2015/6  - Paul Sharp


Undergraduate Makes a Difference
  • 2015/6 - James Lees


Professional Support Staff Makes a Difference
  • 2015/6 - Olga Rowe


Academic/Research Staff Makes a Difference
  • 2015/6 - Dr Phil Lightfoot

Outreach & Ambassador

Outreach and Ambassador Awards

Ambassador(s) of the year
  • 2015/6  - Sarah Fitzmaurice and Ryan Pound


Undergraduate student outreach volunteer of the year
  • 2015/6 - James Lees


Postgraduate student outreach valunteer of the year
  • 2015/6 - Adam Shore


Staff outreach volunteer of the year
  • 2015/6 - Dr Emily Brunsden, Dr Kate Lancaster and Dr Christian Diget


Departmental Awards

Supervisor of the year
  • 2015/6  - Dr Phil Lightfoo, Professor Thomas Krauss and Dr Matt Probert


Most inspirational lecturer
  • 2015/6 - Dr Martin Smalley


PGWT (Postgraduate who teaches)/Demonstrator of the year
  • 2015/6 - Samuel Thompson


Physics "Wow" moment of the year
  • 2015/6 - Dave Coulthard's 50th sculpture


Special Recognition Award
  • 2015/6 - The Physics Porters

BoS Special Recognition

Board of Studies Special Recognition Award
  • 2015/6 - Lillian Clarke

Physics at Play

Physics at Play Awards

Most Flamboyant Department member
  • 2015/6  - Dr Roddy Vann


Best Hair
  • 2015/6 - Joseph Gompertz


Quote of the year
  • 2015/6 - Dr Martin Smalley


Most cheerful person you'll meet in the corridor
  • 2015/6 - Dr Martin Smalley


Academic Awards

At the end of the academic year prizes are awarded to the Postgraduate and Undergraduate students based on academic merit.