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Workshop: Progress on the reaction rates and stellar modelling affecting the 26Al abundance in the Galaxy

Tuesday 10 March 2020, 9.00AM to 11 March 2020

This event is intended to run the full day of the 10th and 11th March 2020.


The radioisotope 26Al is a key observable for providing information on the role of massive stars in the Galaxy as well as on the conditions in the early Solar System. It is produced in a number of astrophysical sites, from AGB stars and Wolf-Rayet winds through to novae and supernovae. To properly interpret the observational data, it is therefore crucial to understand to the production of 26Al in these different environments. There are a number of reactions which affect the final abundance of 26Al, including (but not limited to) 25Mg(p,g)26Al, 26Al(p,g)27Si, and 26Al(n,p/a). Extensive experimental effort has been expended to improve our understanding of such key reactions and it is timely to evaluate these data to provide recommendations for the stellar models, and to focus future experimental work.

The event will be held at the King’s Manor in York city centre where there are many nearby hotels and bed and breakfasts which you can book for yourself. York is a historic, tourist centre in the UK and well recommended for those wish to stay longer and see around York.

York is easily reached by train from nearby airports such as Manchester, Leeds, Doncaster and Newcastle. The London airports take 3 hours or more to reach - see travelling to York.

There will be no fee for the workshop.

Please register for the workshop so we have numbers for catering. 

The Participant List - Nuclear Physics Workshop (PDF , 37kb).

The Code of Conduct - NP Event (PDF , 380kb).

Location: King's Manor York

Admission: Free