Anatomy of the nuclear dipole spectrum

Friday 5 May 2017, 3.00PM to 4:00pm

Speaker(s): Dr Panagiota Papakonstantinou

Electric-dipole resonances in nuclei, and in particular exotic nuclei, have been linked theoretically to important phenomena on vastly different scales: they facilitate nucleosynthesis processes, especially when they lie close to the particle emission threshold; and through their properties we hope to learn about fempto-scale neutron skins and the nuclear symmetry energy, a key factor in the evolution of neutron stars wide as York.

I plan to discuss recent progress in understanding the richness of the dipole excitation spectrum, based on microscopic calculations and how they compare with data on stable and exotic nuclei. I will focus on the influence of shell structure and of loosely bound orbitals on low-energy strength, particularly relevant near the drip lines. I will touch upon related theoretical advances based on Second RPA with chiral two- and three-nucleon interactions or on new energy-density functionals.

I will also take this opportunity to introduce briefly the ongoing Rare Isotope Science Project of constructing a new RI facility in S. Korea.

Location: P/T/111