Novel experimental activities in support of the UK fusion technology programme

Tuesday 15 November 2011, 2.15PM

Speaker(s): Dr Raul Pampin, University of Birmingham


In order to prepare for the ITER era the UK and international fusion programmes are, slowly but surely, shifting focus from science to technology research. This parallel development phase needs to focus on delivering the necessary technology base to facilitate commercial fusion power generation based on magnetically confined plasmas after ITER. CCFE, the UK national fusion laboratory, has started an experimental programme in neutron irradiation studies that aims to cater for this technology development. Initial activities are in the field of activation cross-section measurements, with the objective of expanding and strengthening the experimental validation of the world-class European Activation File (EAF) which CCFE stewards on behalf of Europe. These are being performed in collaboration with AWE and the University of York, the key element being the availability of the ASP 14 MeV neutron generator at Aldermaston. Planned activities include benchmark of neutronics codes and testing of tritium-breeding blanket materials and technology. Current and future work will be discussed in this talk.

Location: P/L006