What do we know about the carbon burning in massive stars?

Monday 30 April 2018, 11.00AM

Speaker(s): Sandrine Courtin


Fusion reactions play an essential role in understanding the energy production, the nucleosynthesis of chemical elements and the evolution of massive stars. Thus, the direct measurement of key fusion reactions at thermonuclear energies is of very high interest. The carbon burning in stars is essentially driven by the 12C+12C fusion reaction. This reaction is known to show prominent resonances at energies ranging from a few MeV/nucleon down to the sub-Coulomb regime, possibly due to molecular 12C-12C configurations in 24Mg. The persistence of such resonances down to the Gamow energy is still an open question. Moreover, this reaction could be subject to the fusion hindrance phenomenon which has been evidenced for medium mass systems.In this seminar, I will discuss recent measurements performed in the 12C+12C system at deep sub-barrier energies using the γ-particle coincidence technique. 

Location: P/T 111