Chirality, Wobbling and Chiral Wobblers

Friday 26 October 2018, 12.00PM

Speaker(s): Umesh Garg


Chirality in nuclei is now well established, both theoretically and experimentally, as an interesting consequence of triaxiality in nuclei. Another essential characteristic of triaxial nuclei is wobbling, first observed in the A~160 region almost contemporaneously with experimental observation of nuclear chirality. A few years ago, wobbling was observed in the nucleus 135Pr, opening a new region for detailed investigation of this phenomenon. Since then, both "transverse" and "longitudinal" wobbling have been observed in other nuclei in the A~130 region. In our recent work at Gammasphere, wobbling has now been identified in a new region of nuclei (A~190). Furthermore, for the first time, we may have observed both chirality and wobbling in the same nucleus--a case of chiral wobblers.

In this talk I will present the new results on wobbling in the A~130 and A~190 regions and a possible case of chiral wobbler in 135Pr.

Location: PL/006