Probing clustering in sd-shell nuclei

Wednesday 21 September 2016, 2.00PM

Speaker(s): Dr. Phil Adsley from iThemba LABS and Stellenbosch University

Alpha clustering is a concept invoked to explain states observed in light
nuclei with strong alpha-particle decays, often forming rotational bands
suggestive of considerable deformation.
The sd-shell nuclei, Mg-24,26 and Si-28 comprise an ideal testing-ground for
the predictions of alpha-cluster models. A recent experiment studying these
nuclei with alpha-particle inelastic scattering with the K600 spectrometer
will be reported, along with tentative structural assignments of Si-28 and
an initial investigation of the isoscalar and electric dipole responses of
Mg-26, for which complementary gamma-ray inelastic scattering data are

Location: PS/A/202