The Upgrade of the REX Post-Accelerator at HIE-ISOLDE

Tuesday 10 April 2012, 3.15PM

Speaker(s): Dr Matthew Fraser CERN-ISOLDE

The HIE-ISOLDE project represents a major upgrade to the ISOLDE nuclear facility at CERN. Aside from improvements related to the production of intense and pure radioactive nuclear beams, the project is focused on an upgrade of the Radioactive ion beam EXperiment (REX) accelerator to deliver post-accelerated beams of up 10 MeV/u for research disciplines such as nuclear structure physics and astrophysics. The talk will introduce the new superconducting linear accelerator and discuss the ongoing technical developments of the project. In particular, the details of the layout of the High Energy Beam Transfer (HEBT) line, that is soon to be finalised, will be presented and discussed, with a particular emphasis on the possibility of integrating the proposed HELIOS experiment.

Location: P/T201