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The ISOLDE Solenoidal Spectrometer – recent highlights and future developments

Monday 16 March 2020

Dr David Sharp is from the University of Manchester

Making your way to a fellowship in the physical and life sciences: a Q&A with Early Career Researchers

Friday 13 March 2020

Are you a finalist PhD in Physics considering your academic career options, a postdoc in Biology looking to become more independent in your research direction, or an early career researcher in Electronics looking for fellowship funding?

Sensors for the biomedical applications

Friday 13 March 2020

A talk by Dr Samadhan Patil, Medical Engineering, University of York

Workshop: Progress on the reaction rates and stellar modelling affecting the 26Al abundance in the Galaxy

Tuesday 10 March 2020

We welcome you to York, UK for this two day workshop.

Ionising radiation sensors for high temperature applications

Wednesday 22 January 2020

Peter Hobson of Queen Mary University of London

Workshop on 'Future of Theory in Fission'

Monday 14 October 2019

A workshop to be held at King's Manor, York

Nuclear Astro Seminar

Thursday 12 September 2019

Ewa is studying spectroscopic analysis on stars.

Nuclear Physics Symposium “Challenges in theory of heavy nuclei”

Wednesday 17 July 2019

Nuclear Physics Symposium to be held at King's Manor, York

Weak Binding Effects in Nuclear Structure: 40Mg and The Kerman Problem in the Continuum

Thursday 6 June 2019

Speaker is Augusto Macchiavelli from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA.

Investigation of the octupole degree of freedom with Coulomb excitation

Tuesday 23 April 2019

Liam Gaffney, University of Liverpool

Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy at TRIUMF

Monday 8 April 2019

Cornelia Hoehr is Deputy Associate Laboratory Director - Life Sciences, TRIUMF.

Nuclear Physics research at the Botswana International University of Science and Technology

Wednesday 27 March 2019

The Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BIUST) is a young institution, having opened its doors to the first cohort of students in year 2012.

New Perspectives in Ab Initio Nuclear Structure Theory

Monday 25 March 2019

Over the past 20 years low-energy nuclear structure theory has changed profoundly.

Measuring the most challenging decays with the Argonne Fragment Mass Analyser (FMA)

Wednesday 20 February 2019

Daniel Doherty will be visiting from the University of Surrey

A current view of nuclear structure: “exotic” versus “stable” nuclei

Thursday 17 January 2019

A seminar by John L. Wood from the Georgia Institute of Technology

Nuclear excitations: density-functional versus many-body approaches

Wednesday 16 January 2019

Gialuca Cola if from the University of Milan

Current and future capabilities of Geant4

Wednesday 12 December 2018

Geant4 is an open source radiation simulation toolkit widely used in particle and nuclear physics, space and medicine.


Tuesday 4 December 2018

A seminar by Prof Nico Orce of the University of the Western Cape

Decommissioning Sellafield

Friday 30 November 2018

Decommissioning Sellafield: An overview of the challenges of decommissioning the Sellafield site and the role of academia in this.

The high precision mass spectrometer ISOLTRAP at ISOLDE/CERN – a versatile tool box for nuclear physics studies.

Monday 19 November 2018

A seminar by Frank Wienholtz from the ISOLTRAP collaboration

Astrophysical and nuclear physics uncertainties: Nucleosynthesis in neutrino-driven supernova ejecta

Tuesday 6 November 2018

Julia Bliss is from Technische Universita ̈t Darmstadt and will be speaking about nucleosynthesis in neutrino-driven supernova ejecta.

Chirality, Wobbling and Chiral Wobblers

Friday 26 October 2018

Umesh Garg is from the University of Notre Dame

Targetry of rare isotopes at PSI

Thursday 27 September 2018

Emilio Maugeri is from the Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland

Nuclear reaction measurements for heavy element nucleosynthesis

Friday 27 July 2018

The heavy element nucleosynthesis is the area of research looking to predict and/or explain the observed abundances of nuclei heavier than iron.

Pair conversion measurements of the Hoyle State

Monday 11 June 2018

A presentation by Tibor Kibedi from the Australian National University

Coulomb excitation of superdeformed and non-axial structures in 42Ca

Monday 4 June 2018

Superdeformed bands have been in focus of experimental nuclear physics studies for past decades.

Exotic Nuclei - On the Edge of Existence

Thursday 24 May 2018

In the laboratory, physicists can create atomic nuclei which we haven't otherwise observed in nature, challenging our understanding of the fundamental fabric of the universe. Dr Petri discusses her work in one of the most exciting fields of experimental Physics.

ELI-NP Workshop, University of York

Friday 11 May 2018

Contact Christian Diget for more details (

What do we know about the carbon burning in massive stars?

Monday 30 April 2018

Sandrine Courtin is from IPHC Strasbourg

Spectroscopic Factors in the Nilsson Model

Wednesday 25 April 2018

A seminar by Dr Augusto Macchiavelli from the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, USA

Three body description of the 2n- halo and 2n- unbound systems

Thursday 8 March 2018

A seminar by Jagjit Singh Dhinds

Ab initio studies of nuclear matter from a Green's function approach

Thursday 15 February 2018

The study of nucleonic matter has important implications on many branches of nuclear science.

A brief introduction to nuclear medicine

Friday 9 February 2018

Nuclear medicine is the use of radiopharmaceuticals to treat and image people.

Quadrupole collective excitations within the self-consistent mean field approach

Thursday 23 November 2017

Leszek Prochniak will be giving a seminar on some of his research interests in collective excitations of nuclei. He is working in collaboration with Ale, Jacek and David Muir

Information and statistics in nuclear experiment and theory ISNET-5

Monday 6 November 2017

Nuclei communicate with us through a great variety of observables. Some are easy to measure; some take a considerable effort and experimental ingenuity.

QFS Workshop

Monday 24 July 2017

3rd International Workshop on Quasi-Free Scattering with Radioactive-Ion Beams: QFS-RB 17

Nucleosynthesis in Neutron Star Mergers and Core-Collapse Supernovae

Thursday 8 June 2017

A presentation by Dr Marius Eichler

Ab initio study of the potential bubble nucleus Si34

Monday 22 May 2017

A seminar by Dr Vittorio Somà

Recent applications of the Gamow Shell Model to neutron-rich nuclei

Thursday 11 May 2017

The Gamow Shell Model (GSM) is an extension of the traditional shell model into the complex-energy plane through the use of the Berggren ensemble.

MINIBALL workshop

Tuesday 9 May 2017

We welcome you to York, UK for this workshop which will be the annual collaboration meeting to discuss progress on analysis of MINIBALL data and future plans for the MINIBALL programme at CERN.

Anatomy of the nuclear dipole spectrum

Friday 5 May 2017

Electric-dipole resonances in nuclei, and in particular exotic nuclei, have been linked theoretically to important phenomena on vastly different scales

A short walk through the physics of neutron stars

Tuesday 24 January 2017

A seminar by A seminar by Isaac Vidaña Haro on neutron star physics

Spectroscopy of neutron-deficient magnesium isotopes at TRIUMF-ISAC

Friday 16 December 2016

A Seminar by Dr Jack Henderson, TRIUMF

Scintillation array development for the SpecMAT detector

Friday 9 December 2016

Seminar given by Oleksii Poleshchuk

Studies of exotic nuclei at the Argonne-Tandem Linac Accelerator System

Wednesday 12 October 2016

A seminar by Darek Seweryniak, Argonne National Laboratory

Probing clustering in sd-shell nuclei

Wednesday 21 September 2016

A seminar by Dr. Phil Adsley from iThemba LABS and Stellenbosch University

Do Atomic Nuclei have Time-dependent Shape Oscillations at Low Excitation Energies?

Tuesday 13 September 2016

A seminar by Prof John Sharpey-Schafer, University of the Western Cape.

Neutron-star mergers and nucleosynthesis

Wednesday 7 September 2016

A seminar by Dr Liliana Caballero from Guelph.