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Colloquium - Prof Tom McLeish

Tuesday 23 May 2017, 12.00PM to 2.00pm

Speaker(s): Prof Tom McLeish (FRS, Durham)

'Come on Feel the Noise'

How can physics contribute effectively to biological research?  Can the interdisciplinary collision result in the spin-out of new research pathways and questions?

One promising area is the functional role of thermal noise in biological processes, a substrate for all cellular interactions that tends to go unrecognised.

In this talk I will discuss the results of a collaboration between theoretical physics and protein biology that has unearthed a signalling mechanism within proteins that uses thermal noise as a communication channel, rather than shouting louder over it.  The question of whether the science is 'in the wood or the trees' emerges as an important theme.

Location: University of York, Physics department, P/L 002

Admission: Free