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Colliding black holes and neutron stars - detecting gravitational waves with LIGO and Virgo

Wednesday 22 January 2020, 3.00PM

Speaker(s): Dr Laura Nuttall, University of Portsmouth


To date eleven gravitational-wave signals have been detected, ten from the merger of black holes and one from the collision of neutron stars. These observations have provided unique insights into the neutron star equation of state, tests of general relativity and the origin of short gamma-ray bursts, to name a few. The LIGO and Virgo detectors are right now listening for gravitational waves in their third observing run, which started in April 2019. Since the beginning of this run, more than 35 potential gravitational-wave signals have been identified. As the detectors are upgraded to design sensitivity over the next few years, the future observing runs of Advanced LIGO and Virgo promise to open the gravitational-wave sky even further. In this colloquium I will discuss the global detector network, the observing prospects over the next few years and the exciting astrophysics yet to be uncovered.


Location: P/L 002