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Colloquium - Photonic contributions to quantum technology

Wednesday 2 March 2016, 2.00PM

Speaker(s): Sir Peter Knight

Quantum Physics has focused on light, matter and their interaction, from the early days of quantum mechanics right down to the present day. Much of this work has concentrated on the nature of quantum correlations beyond what is allowed classically. The emergence of quantum optics and especially studies of the nature of nonclassical light and its exploitation in quantum computing and quantum cryptography have put this back at the heart of current physics. Progress in identifying, generating and characterizing nonclassical states has been spectacular. Quantum Information Science in part has grown out of this progress: the quantum world allows information to be encoded, manipulated and transmitted in ways quite different from classical physics. This talk will discuss the formation, propagation and manipulation of single photon wavepackets, explain how these can be used in simple quantum networks (for example in quantum walks and in Boson Sampling), and describe recent work on detecting single photons non-destructively.

Location: P/L/002

Admission: Free