Research Mini-Symposium and Official Launch: New Interdisciplinary Facilities for Scanning Probe Imaging and Micro-Fabrication in the York Nanocentre

Posted on 12 October 2018

Hosted by Biological Physical Sciences Institute (BPSI) / Technologies for the Future / Bruker / KLOƉ

BPSI Mini Symposium Winter 2018

National STEM Learning Centre Lecture Theatre, University of York
York Nanocentre, Helix House, York Science Park

Registration OPEN

Wednesday 24th October 2018, 9:00 – 14:00, presentations from York researchers, and technology suppliers Bruker and KLOÉ, with lunch and tours of the York Nanocentre; 14:00-18:00, hands-on introductory sessions with new technologies.

9:00 Registration/Coffee in STEM Atrium
9:30 Lotte van Beek (mechanical unfolding of proteins)
9:45 Dr. Azhar Kabli (AFM imaging of protein-DNA interactions)
10:00 Prof. Mark Leake (AFM imaging of protein-DNA interactions)
10:15 Dr. Christina Wang (photonic nanostructures and 2D materials)
10:30 Coffee break in STEM Atrium
11:00 Bruker presentation on scanning probe imaging
11:45 KLOÉ presentation on micro-fabrication by direct-write laser lithography
12:15-13:15 Move to Nanocentre / Lunch
13:15-14:00 General tour of Nanocentre facilities
14:00 Hands-on AFM / laser lithography practical sessions

Thursday 25th October 2018, 9:00 – 18:00, advanced AFM training sessions for current York researchers

This two-day interdisciplinary mini-symposium co-organised by Christoph Baumann (Biology) and Thomas Krauss (Physics) will officially launch the new interdisciplinary facilities in the York Nanocentre for scanning probe imaging (Bruker BioScope Resolve atomic force microscope (AFM)) and micro-fabrication (KLOÉ high-resolution direct-write laser lithography).

Day 1 will include presentations from York researchers using these new facilities and the manufacturers of these technologies. These presentations will be followed by tours of the new facilities and hands-on taster sessions where York researchers can bring along their own biological and physical samples for high-resolution imaging using the Bruker AFM.

Day 2 will feature more advanced AFM training sessions with imaging experts from Bruker UK. The schedule for Day 2 will be based on demand – it will likely feature sessions on nano-electrical/magnetic imaging, high-resolution imaging of protein-DNA complexes in liquid, bacterial whole cell imaging and mechanics, force-clamping for mechanical unfolding of single proteins, and AFM image/data processing using Bruker software.

The mini-symposium will have broad appeal to researchers from multiple science departments across a range of career levels from graduate students to research group leaders, in particular those who are developing, or would like to develop research projects utilising scanning probe imaging or micro-fluidics.

Organisers - Christoph Baumann ( & Thomas Krauss (

Administrative Support - Kathryn Harvey (