Staphylococcus aureus: A super bug!

Monday 2 February 2015, 1.00PM

Speaker(s): Prof Simon Foster, University of Sheffield

S. aureus is better known as its antibiotic resistant derivative MRSA.  If we are to develop now prophylaxis and therapy we must understand not only more about the basic biology of the organism to better define new and existing drug targets, but also how it interacts with the human host to cause disease.  The talk will cover our studies on how this important organism is able to grow and divide utilizing a range of high-resolution microscopy approaches. Also the use of a variety of models has begun to reveal the complex interplay between S. aureus and its host, revealing insights into the action of antibiotics and how a successful vaccine might be developed. 

Location: The Dianna Bowles Lecture Theatre (K018)

Admission: Open