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How to write a good CV for industry

Posted on 9 January 2018

If you want a job in hi-tech industry, it pays to tailor your CV so that it makes the most of your business-relevant skills and expertise, says Andrew Hirst.

Andrew Hirst

Andrew Hirst is the year in industry placement co-ordinator at the Department of Physics at York. He is also the project manager for the White Rose Industrial Physics Academy, which aims to increase the number of physics graduates who pursue technical careers by organizing student–industry collaborations across the universities of Hull, Leeds, Nottingham, Sheffield and York.

Andrew has written this article for the Physics World publication and it's aim is to give advice on how to write a good CV for industry. Andrew said, 'writing a good CV for any job requires you to present strong evidence that you can do the job or – if you haven’t finished your degree yet – that you have the potential to do so'. Read the full article which appears in the January 2018 edition of Physics World here; How to write a good CV for Industry (PDF , 410kb).