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Physics at York academic has book published by Cambridge University Press

Posted on 11 January 2018

The book by Prof Greg Tallents is titled ‘An introduction to the Atomic and Radiation Physics of Plasmas’.

Greg Tallents

The book develops the physics of emission, absorption and interaction of light in astrophysics and in laboratory plasmas from first principles, using the physics of various fields of study, including quantum mechanics, electricity and magnetism, and statistical physics. Linking undergraduate-level atomic and radiation physics courses with the advanced material required for postgraduate study and research, the text presents a pedagogical approach and includes numerous exercises within each chapter to reinforce students’ understanding of key concepts.  Atomic and radiation physics is critical for the diagnosis, observation and simulation of astrophysical and laboratory plasmas, and plasma physicists working in a range of areas from astrophysics, magnetic fusion and inertial fusion utilise atomic and radiation physics to interpret measurements.


Copies of the book are available from the Cambridge University Press website.