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Two new informative videos created using Binding Blocks to explain research

Posted on 20 February 2018

Nuclear physicist Ulrika Forsberg uses the Binding Blocks chart to explain nuclear decays and discoveries of new superheavy elements.

Ulrika received her PhD from Lund University, Sweden, for studies of new superheavy elements produced in laboratories. The question of exactly how many different (chemical) elements that can exist has always fascinated her, and when talking about her research, she has seen that her fascination is shared with many people that are not currently in the physics community. She hopes that the videos will reach a wide audience and give insight into how todays research is performed, as well as convey the message that there are still lots of exciting things to discover! 

Currently, Ulrika is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of York and at Lund University. While she continues her hunt for the most extreme nuclei, now along the so-called neutron-deficient boundary, she also wants to contribute to increasing the knowledge about physics outside academia. Ulrika explained, 'the Binding Blocks chart allows us to talk about complex nuclear physics concepts with fantastic visual aid, and it activates people's minds and hands'. Ulrika hopes that the videos about different types of radioactive decay will be appreciated by pupils, students and the general public who have come into contact with the Binding Blocks chart and want to learn more about it. She also hopes that it will work the other way around - that people who are interested in nuclear physics will discover the Binding Blocks chart through the video.