Royal Society of London - Issue Publication

Posted on 21 March 2017

Prof Mohamed Babiker was one of the lead editors of a theme issue titled `Optical orbital angular momentum', published by the Royal Society of London.

The issue presents a brief introduction to the orbital angular momentum of light, particularly, to the developments in the thirteen years following the founding paper by Allen et al. The paper which features twenty-five invited contributors who are among the world leaders in the field, including a contribution by the York vortex physics group led by Jun Yuan and Mohamed Babiker serves to bring the field up to date and suggest where developments may take us next.
The issue was edited by Mohamed Babiker along with Stephen Barnett and Miles Padgett, both of the University of Glasgow. There is also a contribution from Professor Les Allen, one of the founding members of the sub-field of twisted light and who was also a co-author of the three Editors. Professor Allen sadly passed away before the theme issue was published.  
The issue can be viewed on The Royal Society publishing website.