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Undergraduate students contribute to research

Posted on 21 October 2020

Cutting-edge research has been published in the widely respected Langmuir journal, by a cross departmental research team which included several undergraduate students.

The Langmuir Journal, with York research on the front cover.

The team, led by Dr Steve Quinn from the Department of Physics, included researchers from Physics, Biology and Electronic Engineering. They used pioneering techniques to investigate the molecular processes that enable detergents to eliminate viruses and bacteria; a process widely taken for granted but little understood until now.

Undergraduate students Katie Morris (Department of Physics), Hugo Lagadou, Rebecca Ward and Amy Burns (School of Natural Sciences), alongside physics-based PhD student Lara Dresser, all contributed to the work, and Dr Quinn says their input was invaluable.

“This work would not have been possible without the exceptional contributions of our students from physics and natural sciences. They are all very well deserved co-authors," he said.

“I’m delighted that we were able to include undergraduates on this project and it highlights the opportunities that exist at the University for students at all levels."

Dr Katherine Selby, Director of the School of Natural Sciences, said: "This research demonstrates the value of working in an interdisciplinary way across departments. Global issues that are of key concern can only be solved by integrating, and bringing together, expertise, experience and skills of individuals and teams. This publication highlights the way in which Natural Sciences and Physics have successfully and meaningfully worked together."

To highlight the importance of their research, the work was also featured as artwork on the journal’s supplementary cover.