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Physics Awards Day 2017

Posted on 11 May 2017

The achievements of the department throughout the year were celebrated last week at the department's awards ceremony.

The Physics Awards Day was our opportunity to celebrate the people who make up our physics community at the University of York. With awards celebrating teaching, support staff, photography and even good humour, this was a day that reflected the diverse nature of our Department. The Awards ceremony was held on Wednesday 3rd May at the Spring Lane Lecture Theatre. 

The awards were split into four catergories: 'Makes a Difference', 'Physics at Play', 'Outreach and Ambassador' and 'Departmental'. The winners of the awards were:

Makes a difference awards presented by Alison Laird & Andy Pratt

Undergraduate Makes a Difference - Thomas Sanders

Postgraduate Makes a Difference - Thomas Shutt

Professional Support Staff Makes a Difference - Olga Rowe

Academic/Research Staff Makes a Difference - Phil Lightfoot

Bunsen Burner Awards for "hottest" idea

Christian Diget - For the Binding Blocks LEGO chart

Physics at Play Awards (Live voting) presented by Alex Grogan & Hermione Elam-Morley

Duct Tape Award - Warren Langthorne

The Quote of the Year - Jacqui Wilson

Most Cheerful person you will meet in the corridor - Kate Lancaster

Physics Moment of the Year - The Tim Peake visit

Ambassador/Outreach awards presented by Pamela Luna & Katherine Leech

Ambassadors of the Year - Kevin Chan and Sarah Fitzmaurice

Outreach Initiative Award - Thom Shutt, Mathew Hawkridge and Adam Shore for the University of York Solar System; and Tom Nicholas received an award for his Lego model of the MAST tokamak.

Outreach volunteer of the Year - James Lees. 

Photography competion prizes presented by Emily Brunsden

Projects - Anna-Marie Stanley

Postgraduate Research - Winner: Eleanor Tubman Highly Commended: Thom Shutt

Astrophotography  - Winner: Thom Shutt Highly Commended: Thom Shutt; Chen Geng

Life in the department - Katherine Leech

Highly Commended - Joe Hay; Thom Shutt

Best in show - Thom Shutt

Academic awards presented by Sarah Thompson

Book Prize (Best overall mark in year 1 for 2016) - Sam Orchard

Gai Prize (awarded for best overall mark for year 2 for 2016) - Daniel Cheshire

Departmental Awards presented by Chris Murphy & Nigel Woolsey

Supervisor of the Year - Martin Smalley and Laurence Wilson

Most Inspirational Lecturer - Phil Lightfoot and Roddy Vann

Student Rep of the Year - Thomas Sanders

PGWT/Demonstrator - Will Frost

Postdoc of the Year - Phil Hasnip

Support Staff of the Year - Tami Grant

Special Recognition Award presented by Kieran Gibson & Thom Shutt

Sarah Thompson

Photographs from the day can be viewed here

A big thanks goes to the team who organised the day:

Tami Grant (Chair)
Pamela Luna
Thomas Shutt
Ryan Davies
Jane Crowther
Erica Cushworth
Lauren Charlton-Mathews
Emily Brunsden
Kathryn Harvey