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Dr Lancaster attends prestigious ceremony for Professor Stephen Hawking

Posted on 9 March 2017

Dr Kate Lancaster was privileged to be invited to attend a ceremony to watch Professor Stephen Hawking receive the “Freedom of the City of London”.

The event was held at the Guildhall in London on 06 March 2017. Kate said of the event, “it was a real honour to get the chance to watch such a rare event, and especially exciting since it was such a well-known physicist like Stephen Hawking. "Brief History of Time" was the first popular science book I ever read and it made me realise what was to come if I continued to study physics”. Professor Hawking spoke at the ceremony of the need for scientists to continue to be prominent figures in the media to ensure the dialogue about facts and truth remain at the forefront of people’s minds. He also spoke about the possibilities of humans exploring and populating other worlds. Three school students were then able to ask Prof Hawking questions about time travel, and colonising Mars.

There were many schools students present at the ceremony and Kate spoke to a group of students from City of London School for Girls and City of London Academy Islington. They asked Kate lots of questions about her work and how she got into Physics. Kate said, “it was such a nice opportunity to meet and chat to the students. They asked some amazing questions and many were very keen on carrying on studying physics which is good news”.