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Semiconductor lithography review published in Nature Photonics

Posted on 7 December 2010

York researchers publish invited review article in Nature Photonics on semiconductor lithography

Image from article by Greg Tallents, Erik Wagenaars and Geoff Pert published in Nature Photonics in November 2010

 York researchers Greg Tallents, Erik Wagenaars and Geoff Pert have produced an invited review recently published in the high profile journal Nature Photonics on the state of semiconductor lithography - the process used to pattern integrated circuits for computers and other electronics.   High volume semiconductor chip production is expected to move to the use of extreme ultra-violet (EUV) radiation shortly and the review speculates about the next reduction in wavelength for lithography required to maintain the famous Moore's Law, where the 'number of transistors on an integrated circuit chip' (and hence the speed of computing) doubles every 2 years.    See :  

Greg Tallents and Geoff Pert are experts in the EUV spectral region, while Erik Wagenaars has worked in industry on the development of EUV lithography.  The work may be expanded under the banner of the York Plasma Institute now established with University and EPSRC funding.