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IoP awards new Juno 'Practitioner' status to York Physics

Posted on 21 April 2010

The Department of Physics at the University of York becomes one of the first recipients of the Institute of Physics' new Juno Practitioner award

The Department of Physics has been awarded the newly created status of Practitioner within the Institute of Physics' "Juno" scheme.

The scheme is based on a Code of Practice aiming to address the issue of under-representation of women within university-level physics in the UK and Ireland. Physics departments can apply to become "Juno Supporter" at the outset of their adoption of the code of practice, and "Juno Champion" when they can demonstrate that the Juno principles are fully embedded within the department's culture and practices.

Now a new intermediate level - that of "Juno Practitioner" - has been created, and York is one of three physics departments which are the first to achieve this status. The Juno Practitioner level was designed to reward progress made by departments towards ensuring equal opportunity to all, and to be seen as a staging post towards becoming a Juno Champion.

While approximately 20% of England’s physics undergraduates and lecturers are female, the same can only be said of 5% of professors. This shows that not only is the proportion of female undergraduates still disappointingly low, but also that it gets worse as academics move further up the university ladder.

Head of Department Professor Brian Fulton said "I'm delighted at this award which reflects the genuine efforts we make to ensure all staff are treated fairly in the department. The feedback we have received will help us improve even further and we are keen to submit for the top ranking of Juno Champion early next year".

For further information please see the University website's news section.