Accessibility statement

STFC and EPSRC studentships

Each year the Department is awarded a number of fully funded studentships paying fees and a stipend for living costs to allocate, by the Research Councils:-

The STFC (Science & Technology Facilities Council) awards studentships to the group specifically.

EPSRC (Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council) funding is available for allocation to all research groups: , Plasma Physics and Fusion including those specifically allied to the , and .

Eligible PhD applicants will automatically be considered for STFC and EPSRC studentships and University Studentships unless they inform us otherwise. The minimum EPSRC/STFC stipend payment for 2015/6 is £14,057. Applications should be received by February, if possible, for entry in the following October, although in some cases studentships may be available for late applicants. Studentships require an upper-second-class honours degree (or equivalent), except that a Master's degree (including a MPhys/MSci/MEng first degree) and/or suitable postgraduate work experience reduces the requirement to lower-second-class.

Other sources of possible funding are EPSRC/STFC Research Project studentships (available for certain projects only), CASE studentships involving contributions from an industrial partner which may provide an enhanced stipend, and University of York PhD Studentships, especially teaching studentships which involve carrying out limited teaching/demonstrating work during the PhD period.

Current opportunities include:-

  • Development of novel force transduction tools for single - molecule biophysics here
  • Novel super-resolution optical microscopy for single - molecule biophysics here
  • Advanced single - molecule biological physics tools to understand cellular complexity during division and DNA replication here