Mental Health

Support resource (PDF  , 213kb)



A Mental Health Resources Toolkit (PDF  , 564kb) is available for supervisors to help guide students to different sources of support.

Mental health contacts

The Department of Physics has several members of staff who have undertaken mental health first aid training and can be approached by either staff or students if they need support with mental health issues:

  • Emily Brunsden:

  • Erica Cushworth:

  • Tami Grant:

  • Kathryn Harvey:

  • Mandie Hudson:

  • Phil Lightfoot:

  • Andrew Pratt:

  • Jacqui Wilson:

 All academic staff and most administrative staff have had basic Mental Health First Aid training, but those members of staff mentioned above have undertaken additional training.

The University has launched the 'Mental Health First Contact' (MHFC) network for any members of staff who may be experiencing emotional or psychological distress, or who may be supporting students with challenging issues. This is an in-house network of trained staff and a first point of contact for staff.

Members of the network are available during working hours, but if you need immediate support outside of working hours please contact the Confidential Care adviceline on 0800 0851376, where counsellors are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to talk through any problem, no matter how big or small.

Online help and resources are also available via Well@York, the University's staff health and wellbeing website.

Please note that students can also contact any of the Department's trained staff listed above and they should also see: for support and guidance.

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