Department Equality Committee

The Department aspires to provide a working environment where all staff are encouraged to work to their full potential and are rewarded without regard to gender, race, age, sexual orientation, disability, or belief. The department equality committee meets twice termly and its membership is made up of representatives from each of the staff groups as well as student representatives.

Dr Marina Petri Dr Marina Petri (Chair) I am an experimental nuclear physicist trying to understand the mystifying force that keeps the atomic nucleus together and us alive. I built my career across Greece, the UK, the USA and Germany (more information on my career path can be viewed here) and I returned to the UK in 2016 to take up a Royal Society University Research Fellowship at the University of YorkWhat struck me immediately at York is the ethos of the University and the department in particular; a commitment to collegiality and a feeling of belonging to a small, friendly community. This culture is necessary for supporting young aspiring academics with a passion to thrive professionally while maintaining a work-life balance. As the Chair of the Equality and Inclusion Committee of the Department of Physics, I am determined to nurture an inclusive environment that will enable everyone to participate in our community to their full potential. I am particularly determined to increase the number of female students and academics in science. Being a female researcher and academic in a male-dominated field, having tasted the work ethics in several countries across two continents, and being first and foremost a mother, I have a deep understanding of the barriers that aspiring young female scientists face. As an academic and as the Chair of the Equality and Inclusion Committee, I am working towards increasing awareness of the difficulties that female students and professionals face in a male-dominated field. I am also delivering public talks which I hope will act as a platform to inspire young girls to pursue a scientific career.
Head of Department - Kieran Gibson Prof Kieran Gibson  Kieran Gibson is Head of Department - Physics.
Ros Roberts Ros Roberts

I am the Department Manager, with responsibility for professional services support within the Department. I am also a member of the Department Management Team.  I joined the Physics Department in July 2018, having previously held the same role in Maths, and in Computer Science as a secondment.  In both previous departments I was also a member of the Equality Committee.  I have two young children (aged 5 and 3 as of January 2019), and so work part time in order to get a work-life balance and allow me to share childcare with my husband (who also works part time).

Martin Smalley Dr Martin Smalley I am the Programme Leader of Physics with Philosophy, and the Year 4 Tutor in the Physics Department. I have won numerous teaching awards, including a Vice-Chancellor’s Teaching Award, a YUSU Supervisor of the Year Award and a Departmental ‘Most Inspirational Lecturer’ Award. Together with my commitment to teaching, I am passionate about equality issues, and I am the departmental UCU (University and College Union) representative. One of UCU’s major campaigns is to improve the position of women and BME staff in UK Higher Education Institutions, and to close the gender pay gap. 
 Tami Grant Dr Tami Grant

I am the Student Administration Manager, and I have worked in the Department of Physics since 2011. In my current role I serve as the department’s Disability Officer. I wanted to sit on the Equality Committee because I saw it as an excellent way to continue to advocate for some of the issues that I gained experience with while working for the Division of Student Life at Michigan State University, where as part of my role I advised LGBT and BME student groups. While the work I have done in the past has been widely aimed at supporting students, working with the Department Equality Committee offers the opportunity to promote issues of equality and inclusivity to staff as well as students.

 Manisha Islam Manisha Islam I am a third-year undergraduate studying Experimental Physics. After attending the Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics in 2018, I joined the Department Equality Committee and have since helped organise termly Women in Physics lectures to provide students with exposure to women in the department. I’m also a Student Ambassador for the physics department on open days and regularly volunteer for Outreach events in the department such as the Work Experience Week and Headstart Residentials.
Katherine Leech Dr Katherine Leech I am the Schools Outreach and Public Engagement Coordinator for the Department.  I joined the Physics Department in 2013 and, since this time, have worked on a range of projects to widen participation in Physics from under-represented groups.  Prior to my role at the University of York, I was a secondary school Physics teacher for nine years and taught in a range of different contexts including inner-city comprehensives, International schools, and boarding schools.
Bob Hide Bob Hide I am a long-standing member of the department’s technical staff and work in the electronics workshop. In addition to my work in the department, I am the Branch Secretary of Unite, one of the campus trade unions and I have extensive experience of the University outside the department. This includes several terms as a member of University Council, membership of various committees and working groups including the Staff Race Equality Forum. The promotion of equality, diversity and inclusion is one of the key messages of trade union policy and I strongly support the work of the department and the University in these areas, for both staff and students.
 Dr Yue (Christina) Wang Dr Yue (Christina) Wang My name is Yue (Christina) Wang. I moved to York in 2013 to work with Prof Thomas Krauss and in 2018, I was awarded a Royal Society of Engineering Research Fellowship to start my own group and pursue my research interest in two-dimensional materials. I became a member of the Equality Committee to represent postdoctoral researchers.
Alex Drayton  Alex Drayton

I am a second year PhD student working in the Photonics group having previously completed my MPhys at York in 2017. Through my undergraduate degree I was part of the University of York's Christian Union (UYCU), where I organised events for the society including Carols at York Minster and other public events. I am also involved in youth work in my spare time which I use as a platform to encourage young people, especially girls, to engage with science.

 CDT Phd Student Andrew Malcolm-Neale I am Andrew, a 3rd year PhD with the Fusion CDT/ Plasma Institute. I have a long history of doing outreach work to various audiences to promote, including widening participation in, my subject and universities. In recent years that has meant joining the LGBT Physical Sciences Network and PrideinSTEM for Pride in London & the annual LGBTSTEMinar. I have keenly followed discussions of academic workplaces as experienced by women and people of colour (and both!) for some time. Through teaching work I was impressed by the efforts of the department for its students and decided be see it from the inside to improve entry of female and disadvantaged pupils and ensuring the department can be responsive to all its members. 
 Liz Davies Liz Davies  I am PA to the Head of Department and I provide administrative support to the Chair of the Equality committee.