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Thailand Winter School 2018

A Winter School on Magnetism was held in Bangkok from 5-8 February 2018, organised and chaired by Dr. P Chureemart and Dr J Chureemart of Mahasarakham University, Thailand. The School was part of an Industry/ Academia Partnership Programme (IAPP) sponsored by the Thailand Research Fund and the UK Royal Academy of Engineering. The IAPP involves Mahasarakham University, the University of York (UK) and Seagate Technology (Northern Ireland and Bangkok).

The School was held at the Seagate facility in Teparuk (Bangkok) and featured two of the 2018 Distinguished Lecturers, Prof. YoshiChika Otani and Prof. Mitsuteru Inoue who gave excellent lectures on Spin conversion phenomena in spintronics and the physics and applications of magnetic phase interference in artificial magnetic lattices. Lecturers at the School were Prof. Laura Lewis (Fundamentals of magnetism) Prof. Roy Chantrell (Magnetic models), Prof. S Piramanayagam (Recording media) and Dr. J Barker (Spin dynamics). Some 30 students attended the School and presented their research work at a very interesting and lively poster session. The meeting provided a perfect opportunity for students to learn about the testing and characterisation of recording media in the Seagate laboratories. Dr.Jason Jewell gave an introductory lecture on the testing facilities, followed by demonstrations by Seagate engineers. The students were divided into teams and the school ended with presentation by the teams on the results of the testing, with the best presentation prize awarded to a team from MSU and York. From York, Sarah Jenkins, Andrea Meo and Luke Elliott attended.

Students and Lecturers at the Winter School

Roy Chantrell, Andrea Meo, Sarah Jenkins, Luke Elliott with Dr Phanwadee Chureemart, Dr Jessada Chureemart, Wassana Daeng-am, Nattaya Saenphum and Sutee Sampan-apai from Mahsarakham University and Joe Barker after the poster session at the Winterschool in Thailand

Sarah Jenkins with Wassana Daeng-am, Nattaya Saenphum, Sutee Sampan-apai and Worawut Boonruesi from Mahsarakham University at the York-Thailand Workshop 2017

Sarah Jenkins and Nattaya Saenphum during the group presentation at 2018 winterschool for which they have been awarded a prize for best presentation.

Andrea Meo, Sarah Jenkins, Luke Elliott with Wassana Daeng-am, Nattaya Saenphum, Sutee Sampan-apai from Mahsarakham University with Joe Barker at the Winterschool at Seagate Thailand.