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Plasma Manufacturing

Contact: Timo Gans


Plasma Manufacturing

 Computer chip processor manufacturing has entered a new era, with Intel Corp. just announcing the new Ivy Bridge processor based on 3-D 22 nm transistors. This will see the development of innovative nano-architectures and integrated system-on-chip designs. This comes with a new set of challenges, which can be compounded into an increased level of control required. To date, empirical methods are mainly used; however, with the growing parameter space, this is no longer feasible. Increased mechanistic understanding and linking this to real-time monitoring of sensitive plasma species is required.

Plasma-enabled surface modifications are based on synergistic mechanisms of various energy depositing processes initiated through simultaneous chemical reactions at the surface, ion bombardment of the surface, and photon initiated surface processes.

In collaboration with Intel we are developing novel metrology techniques forreactive plasma etching processes, combining our advanced optical diagnostics expertise and multi-scale numerical simulation techniques.



Intel Ivy Bridge - The world's first 3-D transistor