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Dr Qian Zhang

Lecturer (teaching and scholarship) in Engineering Management

Tel: +44 (0)1904 32 2242

Areas of Expertise: Construction management and engineering, Sustainable construction,
Project management, Sustainability, Corporate social responsibility, organizational behaviours,
Building Information Modelling.




Dr. Qian Zhang joined the University of York as a Lecturer in Engineering Management in 2022.

Prior to this role, she held positions as an Academic Tutor/Research Assistant in the School of
Built Environment, University of New South Wales, Sydney (2007-2021); Hongshen Outstanding
Research Fellow in the School of Management Science and Real Estate, Chongqing University,
China (2021-2022), and a Visiting academic in Taiwan University, China (2016).

She received herPh.D. from the School of Built Environment at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, in2021, where she was awarded the UNSW Dean’s Award for Outstanding Ph.D. Theses. 

Herresearch interests primarily lie in construction management, sustainability, sustainableconstruction, CSR in construction, Building Information Modeling, sustainable construction chainmanagement, Construction 4.0, construction business ethics, organizational behaviors, and project management. She has been an active researcher in construction engineering management and published papers in many top-ranked journals such as Resources, Conservation and Recycling, Journal of Management in Engineering, and Journal of Cleaner Production.



A full list of publications can be found on my Google Scholar page, ResearchGate profile, or Web
of Science Researcher ID: AAQ-2811-2021.
Selected Journal Articles (*correspondence)

1. Zhang, Q.*, Oo, B. L., Lim, B. T. H. 2022. Linking corporate social responsibility (CSR)practices and organizational performance in the construction industry: A resourcecollaboration network. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 179, 106113.

2. Zhang, Q.*, Oo, B.L., Lim, B.T.H. 2022. Unveiling corporate social responsibility awareness
and implementation: a study of the Chinese construction firms. Journal of Environmental
Planning and Management. 1-29.

3. Zhang, Q.*, Oo, B.L. and Lim, B.T.-H. 2022, Key practices and impact factors of corporate
social responsibility implementation: Evidence from construction firms. Engineering,
Construction and Architectural Management.

4. Zhang, Q.*, Oo, B.L., Lim, B.T.H., 2021. Mapping Perceptions and Implementation of
Corporate Social Responsibility for Construction Firms via Importance–Performance
Analysis: Paths of Improvement. Journal of Management in Engineering. 37(6).

5. Zhang, Q. *, Oo, B.L., Lim, B.T.H., 2020. Corporate social responsibility practices by leading
construction firms in China: a case study. International Journal of Construction
Management, 1-12.

6. Zhang, Q.*, Oo, B.L., Lim, B.T.H., 2019. Drivers, motivations, and barriers to the
implementation of corporate social responsibility practices by construction enterprises: A
review. Journal of Cleaner Production. 210, 563-584.

7. Wang, T.K., Zhang, Q., Chong, H.Y., Wang, X.Y., 2017. Integrated Supplier Selection
Framework in a Resilient Construction Supply Chain: An Approach via Analytic Hierarchy
Process (AHP) and Grey Relational Analysis (GRA). Sustainability. 9(2), 289.

8. Zhu, W., Zheng, Y., Ye, K., Zhang, Q., Zhang, M., 2021. Deterrence of Punitive Measures on
Collusive Bidding in the Construction Sector. Complexity. 2021, 9913413.

9. Zhang, C., Hu, M., Dong, L., Xiang, P., Zhang, Q., Wu, J., Li, B., Shi, S., 2018. Co-benefits of
urban concrete recycling on the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions and land use
change: A case in Chongqing metropolis, China. Journal of Cleaner Production. 201, 481-





PhD Admissions

PhD Admissions

Dr Zhang welcomes enquiries regarding PhD research. Please drop me your CV to my email and publications if available.