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December 2022:

Effects with very strong neodymium magnets YouTube video

Magnets repelling and attracting YouTube video

How we represent magnetic fields Khan Academy website

The weber and Faraday's law  S-cool website

Defining the tesla  Electronics tutorials website

Delivering the 110 tonne module to ITER YouTube video


Earth's magnetic and geographic poles Hyperphysics website

Convection currents and Earth's magnetic field Cosmos magazine website

Reversal of Earth's magnetic field Arbor Scientific YouTube video

Earth's magnetosphere NASA website

Magnetic fields of Solar System planets 'Ask a Spaceman' YouTube video

Magnetic moments of atoms Veritasium YouTube video

Ferromagnetic alloys and crystals Sciencing article

Magnetic domains Magnet Academy article

'Hard' and 'soft' magnetic materials Britannica article

Ferrimagnetism Wikipedia article

Paramagnetism and diamagnetism YouTube video

Rare earth magnets Master Magnetics website

October 2022:

Real time simulation of Solar System NASA website

Explanation of asteroids YouTube video

Jupiters and other moons NASA website

Earths moon website

Oblate spheroid produced by gravity YouTube video

Centripetal force Khan Academy YouTube video

Equations for orbital motion Physics Classroom website

Sputnik: Earths first artificial satellite History website

Satellites now orbiting Earth Pixalytics website

Calculating satelite orbital period YouTube video

Satellites for TV YouTube video

Geostationary orbits Science ABC website

Images from Earth observation satellites LIfehack website

Low Earth Orbits (LEOs) TechTarget website

Galileo satellite network YouTube video

Satellites in polar and other orbits ESA website

Satellite launches planned for 2023 Wikipedia article

Careers in the space sector Space Careers website

September 2022: 

Definitions and examples Warren School website

Malleability, ductility and brittleness Engineering toolbox website

Properties of gold Hevvy's blog

Hooke's law Lumen website

Force-extension graphs Free exam academy website

Calculations for springs in series and parallel YouTube video

Young modulus and units S-cool website

Stess-strain graphs for chocolate YouTube video

Deformation and dislocations Illinois Institute of Technology website

Ultimate breaking stress Engineering archive website

Strength The Engineer website

Hardness Gem Society website

Defiing and measuring hardness National Physical Laboratory website

Quantum entanglement Wired magazine article

Materials vocabulary website

February 2022: Quantum Concepts 

15 Things everyone should know Bernard Marr website

Quantum computing introduction Wired video

Wave model of light Physics Online YouTube video

Oscillations in electric and magnetic fields Hyperphysics website

Particle model of light S-cool website

Emission and absorption spectra University of Rochester NY website

Photon emission and absorption Khan Academy video

Electron diffraction National STEM Centre YouTube video

de Broglie wavelength Lumen Learning website

Double slit experiment with atoms Jim Al-Khalili YouTube video

Probability waves Weber University USA website

Einstein and quantum physics Wondrium website

Schrödinger’s cat thought experiment London City Girl YouTube video

Quantum entanglement Wired magazine article

What is a qubit? Quantum Inspire website

Google claims quantum supremacy Google blog

IBM disputes Google's claim IBM blog

Google to build quantum computer by 2029 The Verge article

More from Google Google quantum AI lab

Cooling quantum computers Data Centre Dynamics website

Quantum cryptography Quantumxchange website

Progress and looking ahead Physics World website



November 2021: Action on climate change

UNFCCC Climate Intelligence Unit website

Evidence for climate change NASA website

Countering arguments against climate change GRIST website

Report on fossil fuel use  Carbon Brief website

UK's greenest year on record  National Grid website

Comparison of greenhouse gas emissions World Nuclear Association website

Carbon capture and storage How Stuff Works website

UK wind turbine farms Sky News website

Switching to green energy: wind The Switch website

Green energy: solar and other renewables  The Switch website

Review of electric cars Auto Express website

Minerals needed by electric car industry Carbon Brief website

New jobs in clean energy Forbes website

Making the green recovery work OECD website

Carbon footprint calculator Carbon Independent website


September 2021: Capacitors

Smaller capacitors   Electronic Design website

How capacitors work YouTube video

Basics of capacitors and capacitance Khan Academy video

C is for capacitor Circuit Playground website

Electronic projects  Sparkfun website

Capacitor equations Electronics tutorials website

Capacitor structure and uses Radio Spares (RS) website

Capacitors in parallel and in series Lumen Learning website

Capacitors in parallel and series: charge and energy YouTube video

Capacitor discharge  S-cool website

Time constant and exponential decay Cyberphysics website

Making a simple timer website

Capacitors as frequency filters Learning about Electronics website

Flash lamps Wikipedia entry

Implantable defibrillator AnaesthesiaUK website

Supercapacitor Graphene-info website


April 2021: What is so special about diamonds?

The rare diamond BBC website

More information about the diamond Courthouse News Service website

The Victor diamond mine De Beers website

Allotropes of carbon Lumen Learning website

Diamond formation processes website

Refractive index data US Faceters Guild website

Reflection and refraction at an interface Mammoth Memory physics website

Revise total internal reflection and critical angle Lumen Learning website

Types of diamond cut United Diamonds website

Diamond cutting  YouTube video

The Mohs hardness scale Gem Society website

Diamond drills Drilltec website

Uses of diamonds AZoM Materials Science website

Diamond devices Nanowerk website

Using CVD to make gemstones Brilliant Earth website

Diamond trade regulation Assay Office website


February 2021: Space telescopes

JWST home page NASA website

Looking back in time West Texas A&M University website

Solar System evolution Lunar and Planetary Institute website

HST home page NASA website

HST favourite images website

Comparing JWST and HST NASA website

The Apollo project NASA website

Edwin Hubble YouTube video

Why space telescopes? Scientific American article 

Compton Gamma Ray Observatory Space Today website

Chandra X-ray Observatory NASA website

Spitzer Space Telescope NASA website

Spitzer shutdown Spaceflight Now website 


November 2020: Electromagnetic radiation

Crab Nebula gamma rays website

ELF radio waves Wikipedia page

EM spectrum: largest to smallest wavelength NASA website

EM spectrum: smallest to largest wavelength NASA website

Colours of light  Science Learning Hub website

Seeing in colour Live Science website

Rods and cones  Arizona State University website

Infrared radiation Live Science website

Endoscopes Genesis medical physics website

Ultraviolet radiation NASA website

Fluorescence ACS YouTube video

Uses and dangers of UV radiation Andy Darvill website

Electromagnetic waves YouTube video

Polarisation YouTube video

Radio waves carrying information  How Stuff Works website

Microwaves  Andy Darvill website

Microwave ovens  How Stuff Works website

Early X-ray images  NDE resource centre website

Computed tomography  Mayo Clinic website

Non-medical uses of X-rays  YouTube video

Gamma radiation  ARPNSA website

Uses of radioisotopes  World Nuclear Association website

Background radiation and safety  Legal Futures website

UV radiation risks and benefits  WHO website

UV radiation safety  NHS website

Cancer risks  Cancer Research UK website


September 2020: Trains for the twenty-first century

Carbon dioxide emissions    BBC website

Shanghai Maglev train journey YouTube video

How Maglev works How Stuff Works website

Japan's train of the future Japan transportation website

The world's fastest trains  YouTube video

New high-speed rail lines YouTube video

UK plans for HS2 BBC website

UK plans for rail upgrading  Network Rail website

Tunnelling for the Elizabeth Line Crossrail website

Updates on the Crossrail project Crossrail website

New lines in Australia Austalian government website

10 best city rail networks Guardian website

Plans to modernise the London Underground YouTube video

Shanghai and Beijing metro systems Shanghai News website

Virgin Hyperloop One system B1M YouTube video


April 2020: Applying Newton's law of gravitation

The Paralympic Games

The 2020 Paralympic Games Tokyo Olympics website

History of the Paralympic Games International Paralympic Committee website

Summer and winter paralympic sports Topend Sports website

Overview of paralympic technology Ingenia: Royal Academy of Engineering magazine

Problems faced by underfunded paralympians  New York Times article

Some designs for sport-adapted wheelchairs RMA Sport UK website

Choosing a sport and wheelchair Wheelpower website

Carbon reinforced polymers ThoughtCo  Reference website

Cycle events at the Tokyo Paralympics Tokyo Olympics website

The Tokyo para-cycling course International Paralympic Committee website

Inventions that have supported para-sport Cisco Technology Company website

Adaptive sports technologies Mental Floss article

Materials science degree courses UCAS website

Manchester Materials Science and Engineering Manchester University website 

Materials within Cambridge Natural Sciences Cambridge University website

Oxford Materials Science and Engineering Oxford University website

Swansea Materials Science and Engineering Swansea University website 

Loughborough University Sports Technology Loughborough University website

Changes in Paralympic Games over 30 years YouTube video


November 2019:  Radioactivity


Discovery of radioactivity Royal Society of Chemistry article

Nuclear equations for alpha, beta, gamma decay Khan Academy YouTube video

Properties of alpha, beta, gamma S-cool website

Information on neutrinos Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory website

Annihilation and gamma production calculation  Radiopaedia website

Electron capture Jefferson Lab glossary

Neutron emission French National Centre for Nuclear Research website (in English)

Nuclear stability graph  Wikipedia page

Effects of ionising radiation on living things International Atomic Energy Authority website

Natural nuclear reactor YouTube video

Irradiation and contamination Canadian TeachNuclear website

Summary of background radiation 'Pass my exams' website

Map of radon in England and Wales Public Health England website

Chernobyl and Fukusmima accidents Article from 'The Conversation'

Half life and random decay Khan Academy video

Exponential decay graph Khan Academy video 

Questions on radioactive decay S-cool website

Nuclear reactor How Stuff Works

Radioactive dating World Nuclear Information site 

Medical uses of radioisotopes World Nuclear Information site

Maintaining supply of isotopes Nuclear Energy Agency YouTube video

Radiation quiz How Stuff Works


April 2019:  Medical imaging

Overview of techniques Siemens website

Imaging: diagrams and physics Radiology Cafe website

MRI introduction YouTube video

More on MRI How Stuff Works website

Ultrasound scan YouTube video

Eleanor Stride explains use of microbubbles YouTube video

Chris Harvey describes image enhancement with microbubbles USA National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Biomedical Engineering site l

Radioactivity, gamma camera and SPECT EU public information website

Tracers, SPECT and PET scanning USA National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Biomedical Engineering site

Tracers used in medical imaging Slide Share website

PET and tracers YouTube video

More on PET and tracers YouTube video

Computed tomography USA National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Biomedical Engineering site


April 2019:  The race to the Moon: 50 years on

NASA Article 'one giant leap for mankind NASA website

Sputnik facts 'fun facts' website

The Lovell Telescope Jodrell Bank website

1958 USA government report Archive

Formation of NASA NASA website

Interview with Gagarin YouTube video

First US manned spaceflight NASA website

John F Kennedy's 'Moon speech'  NASA website

Timeline of NASA launches and tests NASA website

First woman in space NASA website

First space walk  Space Centre website

Gemini 8 docking in orbit NASA website

Reconstruction of Gemini 8 docking IMDb website

Footage from first unmanned Moon landings YouTube video

Apollo redesign YouTube video

Saturn 5 rocket launch YouTube video

Earth Rise photographed from orbit YouTube video

NASA footage of Apollo 11 launch YouTube video

Footage from the Eagle lunar module YouTube video

Armstrong's first steps on the Moon YouTube video

NASA restored footage NASA website


February 2019:  The Periodic Table

Why have an International Year of the Periodic Table? IUPAC website

Interactive Periodic Table Royal Society of Chemistry website

Element podcasts The Naked Scientists website

Dmitri Mendeleev Khan Academy article

Timeline of discoveries relating to the Periodic Table Timeline website

Properties of the halogens  (Flourine Group) YouTube video

Atomic number: Moseley's experiments YouTube video

Electron configuration: GCSE  BBC Bitesize website

Electron configuration:A-level Chemistry Revision Science website

Silicon and silicon wafers YouTube video

Semiconductors  Hyperphysics website

Names and symbols of recently discovered elements IUPAC website

Tom Lehrer's 'Elements' song YouTube video

Tom Leher's song updated YouTube video


November 2018:  The new Elizabethan age

Opening the M1 NX Group website

Spaghetti Junction ITV News website

Suspension bridges 'How products are made' website

Cable-stayed bridges History of Bridges website

The de Havilland Comet 'Flight Sim' website

Heathrow Terminal 5 Rogers Stirk Harbours (architects) website

The Thames barrier UK Government website

Sizewell B power station EDF energy company website

Construction of The Shard YouTube video

Opening the BT Tower BT website

Beetham Tower Company website

The Sage Gateshead Gateshead Chronicle website

The Principality stadium Company website

The Eden Project Company website

The Birmingham Rotunda Birmingham Mail website

Clyde 'Armadillo' Auditorium Company website

Plastic waste BBC News website


September 2018: Electricity supply

First public supply 1881 Godalming Museum website 

Life expectancy data Our World in Data 

Worldwide access to electricity World Bank website

Worldwide life expectancy World Bank website

Worldwide power consumption World Bank website

Impact of power blackouts USA National Center for Biotechnology Information

Digest of UK Energy Statistics with sections on plant capacity and generation UK Government website

Renewable supplies in 2017 Guardian newspaper website

Power generation now Gridwatch website

Elon Musk discusses climate change YouTube video

Drax power station Power-Technology website

Combined gas turbine power station GE Power website

Fracking Economist magazine website

UK nuclear power and future plans World Nuclear Association website

Sizewell B EDF website

Effects of nuclear accidents NASA website

The Chernobyl accident Radioactivity presentation

Feed-in tariffs explained Energy Saving Trust website

Landmead solar farm YouTube video

Whitelee onshore wind farm Scottish Power website

London Array offshore wind farm London Array website

Swansea tidal lagoon Swansea lagoon website


April 2018: Revision

Revision tips from students Which? University website

Tips for scoring A* YouTube video

Videos on physics topics Snap Revise

Sumary of A-level physics content S-cool website

Topic summaries and videos Revision World website

AQA past papers, examiner reports AQA website

Edexcel past papers, examiner reports Edexcel website

OCR Specification A past papers, examiner reports OCR website

OCR Specification B past papers, examiner reports OCR website

WJEC examiner reports WJEC website

Past papers Physics & Maths Tutor website

Preparing for questions on practical work YouTube video

Tackling synoptic questions YouTube video

Notes and PowerPoints on physics topics PhysicsTutor Online website

Quiz on quantities and units YouTube video


November 2017: Lenses: the eye and the camera

Museum of vision American Academy of Ophthalmology website

Lens diagrams for converging lenses Physics Classroom

Lens diagrams for diverging lenses Physics Classroom

Optical bench interactive Physics classroom

Using the thin lens formula Khan Academy YouTube video

Long and short sight YouTube video

Correcting long and short sight: explanation with diagrams YouTube video

Eye health, vision defects, contact lenses, laser eye surgery 'All about vision' website

Optometry careers College of Optometrists

Introduction to film and digital cameras Panasonic website

Explanation of CCD Wikipedia

Digital images Cornell University website

Using a digital single lens reflex camera YouTube video

Comparing the eye and the camera Tutorial



September 2017: Practical Skills

Practical techniques required for A-level physics Department for Education website

Measuring volume by displacement YouTube video

Avoiding errors in measurement Cabinet makers' website

Walter Lewin lecture: period of SHM YouTube video

Using a digital multimeter YouTube video

Using light gates for average velocity YouTube video

Using light gates for velocity and acceleration YouTube video

Reading a Vernier scale YouTube video

Using Vernier callipers and micrometer YouTube video

Investigating water waves with a ripple tank YouTube video

Using an oscilloscope to measure voltage and frequency YouTube video

Laser interference experiment YouTube video

Using a Geiger counter YouTube video

Videos of experiments Birmingham University website


April 2017: The Atomic Nucleus

Geiger and Marsden's experiments Cambridge Physics website

Rutherford's proposed explanation S-cool revision site

Simulation of alpha scattering National High Magnetic Field Laborator, USA: Java applet

Modelling and experimental results Rutherford's 1911 paper

X-ray frequency and atomic number Results from Moseley's experiments

Artificially induced nuclear transformation Experiments carried out by Rutherford's group

Discovery of the neutron PhysicsLAB description of Chadwick's experiment

Rutherford's and Chadwick's scattering experiments YouTube video

Neutrons and nuclear stability Nuclear power web page

Lego Binding Blocks project University of York

Lego Binding Blocks and binding energy per nucleon University of York

Binding energy per nucleon Schoolphysics website

Quarks and nucleons YouTube video



February 2017: developing theories

Climate change consensus NASA website

A 'scientific method' University of California, Riverside: overview of how theories might be developed and modified

Hypothesis Definition and discussion

Wegener's theory University of California at Berkeley: an account of Wegener's ideas about continental drift and the theory of plate tectonics

Argument from ignorance Wikipedia page

Precession of the perihelion of Mercury University of California, Riverside

The 1919 solar eclipse expedition online magazine page

Binary pulsars Georgia State University: hyperphysics page

Gravitational wave detection Report in Science magazine

The nature of light Summary of historical development

Wave-particle duality for electrons YouTube video

Language for measurement Institute of Physics website

Cold fusion Wikipedia page

Cold fusion now Web page

Nature Webpage of the scientific journal Nature

Nature peer review Peer review webpage of the scientific journal Nature

Thomas Kuhn Wikipedia page


November 2016: Forces and Fields

Faraday, Maxwell, Thomson USA National high magnetic field laboratory website

Tour of the word's strongest magnet USA National high magnetic field laboratory website

Three-dimensional magnetic field Video

Ferrofluid and magnetised objects YouTube video

Magnetic field configurations Image gallery

Sun's magnetic field NASA video

Water molecules in electric field YouTube video

Polarisation of dielectric in capacitor YouTube video

Demonstration of electric field lines CLEAPSS video

Two point charges between parallel plates YouTube video 

Two electrodes with positive charge Photograph 

10 ways to 'see' an electric field YouTube video

Faraday cage demonstration YouTube video 

Gravitational force between planet and moon Interactive

Variations in Earth's gravitational field NASA image

Revision and comparing fields S-cool website


September 2016: Music and Sound

Schlieren flow visualisation YouTube video

Standing waves in open tubes YouTube Khan Academy video

Standing waves in closed tubes YouTube Khan Academy video

Flute, clarinet and oboe YouTube video

Standing waves on a string YouTube video

Strobe: standing wave on a string YouTube video

Violin, flute, cello, Chinese clarinet, saxophone and percussion YouTube Walter Lewin lecture 

Violin, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone; helium YouTube Walter Lewin lecture

Ear animation YouTube video

Decibel scale and logs YouTube Khan Academy video

Ear sensitivity Noise level chart

Hearing loss Government information website

Hearing test YouTube video

Sound physics experiments Chrome music lab 


April 2016: Looking ahead

Mars in 2020 NASA website

Previous Mars missions NASA website

Kepler 452b NASA website about a possible Earth-like exoplanet 

What is dark energy? Hubble telescope website

Dark matter Clips of BBC programmes

Pentaquark CERN announces a new class of particles

Future accelerators International Committee for Future Accelerators website

Better power supplies Pocket-lint website

2D materials Website report of possible new applications

Constructing the ITER fusion experiment Time-lapse video 

HS1 high speed rail link Crossrail website

New Queensferry Crossing Forth bridge website

HS2 high speed rail link Government website

New Thames Hub design rejected Architects' website

Terahertz imaging Article on new applications



February 2016: Video and audio explanations

100 Second Science - Short videos answering scientific questions

What is dark matter? - 100 second video about dark matter

What is antimatter? - 100 second video about antimatter

Difraction Grating - YouTube video

Polarizing light - YouTube video

Microwave polarization - YouTube video

Quantum wave-particle duality - YouTube video

Electromagnetic induction - YouTube video

Motors and Generators - YouTube video

Trust in Physics - YouTube video

November 2015: The Hubble space telescope

Hubble - Hubble's anniversary website

Space Shuttle Discovery - Museum webpage

Biography of Hubble - article

Red Shift and the Big Bang - YouTube video

Hubble's first photo - article

25 Years of Hubble - YouTube video

How the Hubble Telescope works - article

Americaspace - Article on the repair of the Hubble telescope

Final Hubble repair mission - YouTube video

Hubble homepage (USA) - Official homepage

Hubble homepage (Europe) - Official homepage

Flight through a star cluster - YouTube video

September 2015: Silver

Uses of silver - Online article

The many uses of Silver - article

Silver's chemical properties - Element's chemical data

How do photovoltaics work? - NASA article

Metallization Pastes - Informative webpage

Making a glove work with a touch screen - Video and tutorial

Silverthread conductive thread - Purchasing page

Film processing - Informative webpage

Silver as an anti-bacterial - Informative webpage

Water purification - Magazine article

Silver in Australia - Informative webpage

April 2015: Orders of magnitude

Scales of the Universe - Interactive widgit

Standard form - Informative website

Orders of Magnitude - Informative website

Orders of Magnitude (2) - Informative website

"Powers of Ten" - Youtube video

"Powers of Ten - Ultimate Zoom" - YouTube video

Fermi's Piano Tuner Problem - Physics problem

The Nuclear Age - Example questions

The Oil Drop Experiment - How to estimate the size of an atom

A Collection of Estimation Questions - Informative Webpage

Links in Recent Articles

December 2022

Who are they? Andrea Ghez

Nobel Prize lecture  YouTube video

Back cover: laser supernova

The ASCEL experiments YouTube video     


September 2022

Phosphine on Venus

Physics Review Update article Hodder Education website

Who are they? Lucie Green

A journey to the centre of the Sun YouTube video


The Sound of Starlight

Modes on a string PlusMaths animation

Chladni’s plate YouTube video

The science of stellar sound waves NASA website

Sounds from stars (all Asteroseismology websites)

The Sun

Alpha CentauriA

Alpha CentauriB

HR 1217

HR 3831

beta Hydri

xi Hydra

GD 358

BPM 37093

An artistic composition of stellar sounds NASA website


April 2022

Stellar nurseries

The basics of star formation BBC Bitesize

More on molecular clouds Swinburne University of Technology

A news article announcing the PHANGS survey findings NRAO website

More on ALMA and radio observing ALMA observatory website


Back cover: Looking at molecules

Real-time movie of C60 molecules YouTube video

February 2022

Gyroscopes explained

Gyroscope behaviour YouTube video

Anti-gravity wheel demonstration YouTube video

Anti-gravity wheel explanation YouTube video

At a Glance: Approaching Zero

Lego Cryonauts YouTube video

Who are they: Steven Chu

Steven Chu on sustainability and climate change YouTube video 

Steven Chu on a zero-carbon future YouTube video

Crossword Notes: Marine matters, metals and measurement

The tin scream YouTube videos

Waves arriving on Hawaiian beaches YouTube videos

Back cover: Printed bridge

MX3D bridge installation YouTube video

November 2021

Dating with carbon-14

Brian Cox builds a cloud chamber YouTube video

Who are they: Lene Hau 1959-

Stopping a light pulse  Radiolab podcast

Lene Hau explains her experiments  YouTube videos

Crossword Notes: the way the wind blows

Explanation of the Coriolis effect  YouTube video


September 2021

Imaging a black hole 

European Southern Observatory ESO website

Science magazine Science website

Who were they: Subrahhamyan Chandrasekhar 1910-95

Contributions to black hole theory  Open University website

Explaining the green flash

Photographing a green flash Sixty Symbols YouTube video

At a glance: glass

Video tour of float glass manufacture  Liverpool Echo website

Mathskit: units

SI Units brochure  BIPM website

Skillset: Determining the Young modulus of copper

Apparatus with Vernier scale  YouTube video


April 2021

Waves inside the Earth

Animations of seismic waves British Geological Survey website

News of Martian seismology NASA website

Back page: atmospheric waves

Animation of large-scale atmospheric waves  University of Hawaii website

February 2021

Splitting the nucleus

Einstein on film American Institute of Physics website

Skillset: determining the wavelength of light

Video of experiment YouTube video

At a glance: high-energy colliders

Virtual tour of LHC CERN website

Pointing a space telescope

Orientation of HST YouTube video

Back page: celestial sleuths

Sun's movement across the sky website

November 2020

Vapour trails and climate change

Research paper on contrails  Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics website

Natural convection

Solar pond Energy Education website


September 2020

Structural colour

Morphotex images and information  Donna Sgro's homepage

X-ray computed tomography: reading the unreadable

Unrapping the scroll YouTube video

A report of the work Science Advances journal website

Skillset: standing waves on a string

Video of the experiment YouTube video


April 2020

Determining Jupiter's mass

The Sky and Telescope interactive observing tool  Sky and Telescope website

Measuring gravity's effect on time

The inside story of the launch  Inside GNSS website

Video of the time dilation experiment YouTube video

Who were they?  Niels Bohr

The Niels Bohr Institute  University of Copenhagen website

Bohr's life and work Wikipedia article

Bohr's Nobel Prize Nobel Organisation website 

Back cover: Moons

Timelapse images of Saturn's moons National Geographic website


November 2019

Rutherford's nuclear atom revisited

Quotes from Rutherford and other scientists AZQuotes website

Crossword notes: Stability, sliding and stars

Controlling tsetse flies World Health Organisation website

John Goodricke's work Yorkshire Philosophical Society website

Back cover: Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo's inventions YouTube video



September 2019

Electric vehicles  

Local availability of charging points Zap-map website

Building the pyramids

Building the Pyramids of Egypt ...a detailed step by step guide YouTube video,

At a Glance: mapping Earth's gravity

Animated image of gravitational field map Wikipedia page

Brownian motion revisited

Discussion of ideas about gases BBC In Our Time podcast

Who were they? Glenn T Seaborg

More on Seaborg and his work Royal Society of Chemistry website 

Seaborg and the Nobel Prize Nobel Foundation website

Crossword notes: Naming elements

How a new element gets its name Chemistry World article


April 2019

Viking navigation 

A short video on birefringence Website of the sixty symbols project

Skillset: measuring the lLanck constant

Data from OCR for analysis OCR website

Who are they: Donna Strickland

News report from The Record Record website

News report from The Guardian Guardian website

Profile University of Waterloo website

Poster featuring Donna Strickland Perimeter Institute website

Crossword: Light and heat

Constellation myths and history Website of astronomer Ian Ridpath

Back page: Cherenkov radiation

Animation of Cherenkov radiation Wikipedia page

Geomagnetic surveys, aurorae etc British Geological Survey website


February 2019

Where is the North Pole? 

Geomagnetic surveys, aurorae etc British Geological Survey website

Will electric cars break the National Grid?

Sustainable energy without the hot air Free download of book by D J C MacKay

The Dinorwig pumped storage system Company website

Who were they: Arthur Stanley Eddington

Biography Wikipedia article

Biography University of St Andrews website

Eddington number Triathlete website

Eddington village NW Cambridge development company website

Skillset: magnetic force on a current-carrying wire

The experimental arrangement and other examples YouTube video


November 2018

Bouncing bombs: the physics behind the Dambusters raid

Dambusters: The Race to Smash the German Dams YouTube video

Skillset: oscillations

SHM with a spring and a pendulum Northumbria University video

Who were they: Hedy Lamarr

Biography Electronic Notes website

Summary biography Famous Women Inventors website

Spread Spectrum techniques Wikipedia article

Biography Wikipedia article

Biography Smithsonian website 

Luis Alvarez: a versatile physicist

The Bevatron Photo essay - collection of images

The end of the Bevatron 'Wired' news website

Dinosaur extinction BBC news website

September 2018

The swinging ponytail 

Keller's Ig Nobel prize paper Journal website  

Swinging ponytail video YouTube video

Working with physics: helicopter pilot

Information about Navy careers Royal Navy website

The Navy's AIB Royal Navy website

Back cover: Tycho's supernova

Expanding supernova remnant Harvard-Smithsonian website


April 2018

Better housing for refugees

The housing project described in the article Video  

Operative temperature Wikipedia article

A painless bite

Development of a biodegradable micro lancet needle Research report

Biocompatible microneedles New Scientist article


November 2017 

Forecasting space weather

Space Weather Scale for Geomagnetic storms Met Office website  

Sign up for Aurora alerts with Aurorawatch University of Lancaster

Space Weather Prediction Centre NOAA

Animal Electricity

Furry Logic book

Time's arrow

Entropy and the Second Law of Thermodynamics YouTube videos

Hawking radiation


September 2017

How to make a BB-8

Patent for BB-8 Google Patents website  

At a Glance: Radio

E and B fields of an electromagnetic wave Animation

Wave produced by an alternating pd Animation

Working with Physics: Medical Physicist

Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine IPEM Website

Training programme with the NHS NHS Websites

Crossword Mystery and Magic: solution and notes

The Feynman Lectures on Physics Caltech website

Disney's Haunted Magic Ballroom YouTube video


 April 2017

 Postcard from Proxima

Measuring the shift in wavelength of absorption lines  Pale red dot website

Read and contribute ideas for space exploration The Breakthrough website

Skillset: datalogging

Tracker Information and downloads from the developer

Pasco SPARKvue Manufacturer's website

Exploratory Sciencescope More about the Internet of (school) Things

Mathskit: What's in a Unit?

SI unit definitions National Physical Laboratory website


February 2017 

Gravitational waves

Animations of gravitational waves Einstein online

A published scientist at 17?

Young Scientists Journal Journal website

Crest awards British Science Association website

Institute for Reseach in Schools IRIS website

Nuffield Research Placements Nuffield website

Royal Society Partnership Grants Royal Society website

Join the YSJ team YSJ website

YSJ: about us YSJ website


November 2016

Stockbridge dampers

Pylon of the month Blog 

Tacoma Narrows bridge collapse YouTube video

Not the Nobel prize: atomic number

Moseley's experiment Animation

Solving problems with Isaac Physics

Isaac Physics Website

Create an Isaac account Website 

Sign up for Isaac events Website 

Firing the rockets Isaac questions

Launching a rocket Isaac questions

Resistor for LED Isaac questions

Body capacitance Isaac questions

Crossword Fluids: solution and notes

Lift of an aircraft wing University of Cambridge website and video

Stockbridge dampers

Pylon of the month Blog

Tacoma Narrows bridge collapse YouTube video



Not the Nobel prize: atomic number

Moseley's experiment Animation


Solving problems with Isaac Physics

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Career paths of physics graduates

Firing the rockets Isaac questions

Launching a rocket Isaac questions

Resistor for LED Isaac questions

Body capacitance Isaac questions


Crossword Fluids: solution and notes


Lift of an aircraft wing University of Cambridge website and video


September 2016

Ernest Rutherford

Biography The Nobel Foundation's website

Electric circuits

Conducting dough recipe Website article 

Ohmic behaviour PhET simulation

Diodes Website tutorial

Circuit models Website article


April 2016

Earth's Electric Atmosphere

Thunderstorm map Real time map

GEC Detector Website article

Flexural Strength

Mechanical testing Lab website

Physicists: measurers of all things

Micrometer screw gauge Website with self-test questions

Vernier calliper Website with self-test questions 

Callipers and micrometers National Physical Laboratory website 

February 2016

Experiments with radioactivity

Brachytherapy - Wikipedia page

Managing Ionising Radiation - Safety document

November 2015

Tsunami: what gives the waves their power?

2004 Tsunami Simulation - YouTube video

Experiments with light

Many-worlds Interpretation - Wikipedia page

September 2015

Supersonic skydive

Red Bull Stratos - Official webpage

The Red Bulletin - Online magazine

Red Bull Stratos (World Record Freefall) - YouTube video

Georg Simon Ohm 1789-1854

The Unit of Ohm - webpage

Trojan asteroids

Trojan Asteroid Shares Orbit with Earth - NASA video

Distant Asteroid Revealed to be a Complex Mini Geological World - Keck Observatory news page

April 2015

The world of exoplanets

The Kepler Mission - Offical NASA page

Worldly wobbles

Precession - Wikipedia page

Earth's Orientation - MIT official page

Testing tough

Brittle Fracture Case Study - Database of shipping failures

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