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Emily Hughes

Postdoctoral Researcher



I am a postdoctoral research associate in philosophy at the University of York working on the AHRC-funded project ‘Grief: A Study of Human Emotional Experience.’ I completed my PhD at the University of New South Wales.



My research is situated in the intersection between existential phenomenology and the philosophy of psychiatry and psychology, with a particular focus on phenomenological interpretations of affect and the way in which emotions modify temporal experience. 


My current project is a phenomenological interpretation of the emotional experience of grief, focusing in particular on the way in which grief temporalises; the interplay of presence and absence; and the intersubjective relationships between the living and the dead.

Ongoing projects include: research into theories of affect in the work of Scheler, Heidegger, Bollnow, and Schmitz; a reconstruction of Heidegger’s history of the philosophy of time; and a comparative study between Heidegger and Nishitani’s differentiation between relative and absolute nothingness.


Hughes, Emily (2020) ‘Melancholia, Temporal Disruption, and the Torment of Being both Unable to Live and Unable to Die,’ in Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Psychology, 27 (3), 203–213.

Hughes, Emily (2020) ‘Heidegger and the Radical Temporalities of Fundamental Attunements,’ in Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Psychology, 27 (3), 223–225.


External Activity

  • Associate Lecturer at the Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy
  • Member of the Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy


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Dr Emily Hughes
Postdoctoral Researcher
Department of Philosophy