Mozaffar Qizilbash

BA (Cantab) MPhil and DPhil (Oxon)

Teaches on the PPE of Social Choice and Development Economics modules

When I studied economics as an undergraduate, 'political economy' was still part of the compulsory syllabus at Cambridge. Aside from this, there was almost no link to the other PPE disciplines. I became interested in the overlap between economics and philosophy at this early stage, but only ended up pursuing research at the borderlines of these subjects in the late stages of my doctoral work.

While some see each of the three PPE disciplines as distinct, with fairly sharp borderlines separating them, to me the lines separating these disciplines increasingly appear either very fuzzy or rather artificial. The recent resurgence of research in the PPE area in some ways reflects the connections and overlap between the disciplines. With its remarkable tradition of integrated PPE teaching, York offers a natural home for students and researchers interested in work in this area.

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