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Determining indigenous land use from archaeological remains

Posted on 12 January 2017

An 'extra-special workshop' by will be given by Professor Simon Holdaway (Department of Anthropology, Auckland, and Honorary Chair at University of York)

The title of the workshop is:
'Determining indigenous land use from archaeological remains: an alternative view from down under' 
This is a two part session: 1 hour talk followed by 2 hour workshop.
Where: King's Manor, room K/155
When: 1:00-4:30pm, Thursday January 19th 2017
It will be of relevance to anyone intersted in the following:
  • indigenous archaeologies
  • site formation processes
  • lithic technology
  • material culture
  • agent based modelling
  • environmental research
  • landscape studies
  • prehistory
  • time
  • cultural heritage management
From experience, Simon Holdaway's talks are nothing short of thought-provoking - be prepared to come away with many of your long-held beliefs turned on their head!

For further information, please contact Aimée Little or Matt Meredith-Williams

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