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Welcome to the University of York Sustainability Forum

The Forum's aim is to encourage the University of York to adopt policies that reduce carbon use and build a sustainable University. Meetings and other activities are open to all University staff and students. We also work closely with People and Planet, the national student action group on world poverty and the environment. Why not come and join us!

Use the links on the left hand menu to find out about Forum activities, latest news and upcoming events, and current University plans - and what we think of them!

Note on access: some documents available to University Community only, others to Forum members only. For more information join the Forum's mailing list.

Latest news and events...

University Draft Sustainability Strategy document, April 2012 - Feedback from Forum members wanted.

The University management is adopting a sustainability strategy which will provide the basis for the University's sustainability efforts in the coming years. The Forum has been involved in its preparation but now needs your input on whether the draft document is satisfactory. The Forum organising committee doesn't think so, which is why we are seeking your views on the way forward. Please visit the Members area to read the draft strategy document - and then send us your comments.

The Forum organising committee has sent a letter to Elizabeth Heaps, chair of the University's Sustainability Working Party, outlining the Forum's objections to the current draft strategy. Also included with the letter was a suggested job specification for Director of Sustainability, a senior management post we believe essential to oversee implementation and further development of the strategy. Both documents are also available in the Members area

Thu 23 Feb 2012, York SEI 2nd Annual Seminar - Can Technology Save the Planet? National Science Learning Centre, University of York

The SEI 2nd Annual Seminar will address the role of technology in tackling current and future environmental challenges with contributions from Mark Lynas (journalist), Doug Parr (Greenpeace UK) and Lynn Barclay (BBC Radio 4 journalist) followed by discussion. 5.30pm, ticket only, free from public lectures

10 Jan 2012, University's Record on Sustainability: a Comparative Perspective

Report now available in Members area

10 Oct 2011, The University's CO2 Emissions - Latest Figures

The University's own figures show that its CO2 emissions are rising. The figure for 2009/10 is 25,710 tons compared with 24,868 for 2008/9. (source: University's Estate Services)

Thu 17 March 2011, Edible York with Chloe Smee, founder, 1.00pm - 2.00pm D/104 (Derwent).

Edible York supports a network of food-growing projects across York and is in talks with the University's management about allotments on Heslington East. Chloe will tell us more about Edible York, with a view to thinking about ways in which the Forum might work collaboratively with her organisation, and perhaps develop our own food subgroup.

'The Carbon Footprint of the University of York' and 'York 2020: The Future Starts Now' (Draft)

Reports from the Stockholm Environment Institute and York Environment Forum respectively now available in Members area. (Both only available to Forum Members at this time. Join the Forum). Thu 24 Feb 2011, SEI York Annual Seminar 2011, National Science Learning Centre, University of York

With Jonathon Porritt and Kate Pickett on the challenges of prosperity, and equality in an age of austerity. See News and Events for details.

2 Feb 2011, The V Factor

A JISC-funded videoconferenced event from universities in Wales available via streaming video. How videoconferencing can help meet current environmental and financial challenges. Who should videoconference? When should videoconferencing replace travel? When is travel more appropriate? How to get people using the facilities? How much money, time and CO2 emissions can be saved? More details...

18 January 2011, Re-scheduled Meeting: Rob Elsworth from Sandbag, 6.15pm - 8.30 pm (with drinks and nibbles). Venue: Wentworth W/222

The evening will have a dual focus: an exciting speaker from Sandbag, a campaigning organisation on carbon emissions trading. We'll also be looking at what the Forum has accomplished over the past 12 months and looking forward to what to do next.

University signs up to Green Impact programme - volunteers needed

The University is taking part in an exciting programme led by the NUS called Green Impact - an environmental accreditation scheme which helps people improve their work environment whilst gaining recognition for their efforts. Volunteers to serve as Sustainability Co-ordinators in each geographical and departmental area of the University are needed. These will supplement and extend the existing Energy Co-ordinators' network. The volunteers are vital and can help achieve significant improvements, e.g. increased recycling rates and improved energy efficiency. You will receive support and training and the time required is low. More information... If you are interested or have any questions, contact Heike Singleton

Thu 21 October, Forum Meeting: Consumption, Jobs and the Environment: A Fourth Way? - Prof. Roy Carr-Hill Time: 13.15 - 14.30 Venue: L/047.

Roy will give a talk based on his book (with John Lintott), Consumption, Jobs and the Environment: A Fourth Way?

New mailing list for Forum

The Forum now uses an "announcement-type" mailing list, Sustainability-Forum, using the University's lists service, to circulate all notices. Please sign up if you are not already a member. (All existing mailing list members will automatically be members of the new service.) We think this will provide better communication and encourage greater participation. Note the list is intended for announcements, not discussion, and replies are directed to the Forum's mailbox, not to list members.

Q&A with Alastair Fitter - the University's "sustainability champion"

Q&A meeting with Alastair Fitter and other managers on University's plans and future possibilities.
Listen to the meeting plus other resources, including the University's responses in the Members Area
(note: you must be on the Forum's mailing list to access the Members Area)

A list of Forum and selected external events plus all the latest news is at News and Events

















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