Support for SHAP centres

The SHAP project office at York provides on-going support for schools and colleges using SHAP.

Contact the SHAP project office.

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Book grants

The Salters offer grants up to £500 per centre in any one year (£1000 maximum total per centre) towards the cost of SHAP course publications. Applications close 30th April. Click here for details and forms.

The Horners offer grants up to a maximum of £250 to help with start-up costs of SHAP. Priority will be given to centres setting up SHAP for the first time. Applications close 13th June 2014.


Join email forums for teachers and for technicians. .

Courses for SHAP teachers and technicians

Find out about residential and one-day courses, and download application forms.

SHAP prizes

Get details of prizes for SHAP students and teachers and download proposal forms.


Last Updated: March 27, 2014 | Kath James

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