E-mail groups

There are two e-mail groups that enable SHAP teachers and technicians to share news and views. They both work in a similar way. Any message sent to the group is automatically copied to all group members, who can then reply either to the whole group or to the sender. There is no charge for membership.

The teachers' group is run and moderated by the SHAP publishers, Edexcel/Pearson. To subscribe please send a blank e-mail message to:

For technicians, the Scitech group (established by a SHAP technician) provides support relating both to SHAP and to more general issues of interest to science technicians working in schools and colleges. To join Scitech please contact:

Maz Dunn & Rob Copeland, 1 Chaucer Street, Hull, Yorkshire, HU8 8NA

They prefer applications on school headed noted paper stating the email address you want to use. If you receive no response in two weeks, then please email:



Last Updated: February 13, 2014 | Joanna MacDonald joanna.macdonald@york.ac.uk

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