SHAP student prize for AS work

Are any of your AS SHAP students doing outstanding work for their Unit 3 visit/case study and practical task?

If so, please consider entering their work for the SHAP Unit 3 Award.

This year our sponsors are again offering a prize for outstanding work at AS level in Unit 3. While there is less scope for original work than in the former A2 project, the judges hope none the less to see evidence of flair and skill in both the account of the visit or case study and in the practical work.

The sponsors of the award are keen to encourage the context-led approach of the Salters Horners (SHAP) course so the award is open only to students from centres using wholly or predominantly SHAP.

Entries (max one per centre) should be submitted to Edexcel along with the reports that you send in for marking or moderation in May. Prize proformas and further details can be found via the links below.

For further information about this prize click here.

To download a proforma click here

If you wish to enter work for external marking, or a piece of work that has been requested for moderation, all you need do is complete a proforma and attach it to the report along with the Edexcel marking grid. As the report will not be sent back with the rest of your marking/moderation, please also enclose an appropriate sae if you wish the report to be returned after the judging.

If the work you wish to enter is not one of those that you would otherwise be sending to Edexcel, please enclose the report, marking grid, prize proforma and sae in addition to the rest of the reports required by Edexcel.

The judges will make their decisions during the autumn term. Winners will be notified in late October and will receive a cash prize presented at the Salters annual prize-giving, held towards the end of the autumn term.

Please contact the SHAP project office at York if there is anything else that you would like to ask.



Last Updated: March 27, 2014 |Joanna MacDonald

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