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The Course

SHAP is desiged to be taught over two years. There eleven chapters, all context-led. The first six prepare students for assessment at AS level. The final five are at A2 level; together with the AS chapters they prepare students for an A-level physics qualification awarded by Edexcel.

The course is supported by publications for students, teachers and technicians.

Each chapter is built around a context (a situation, application or story) that provides a rationale for exploring some aspects of physics.

A wide variety of activities help students get to grips with physics principles and techniques, and develop skills including research, communication, experimental and ICT skills.

References to the Maths Notes in the student books highlight mathematical aspects of physics. Extension activities use more advanced maths, including calculus.

How Science Works is addressed within the chapter contexts where relevant.

SHAP students say

'With the Salters Horners course you learn the physics but you also think - well I actually see a point in knowing this physics.'

'We are learning a lot of physics, but I find it easier to learn because it is related to modern day scenarios. When you are looking at things around you, you know it works and what the problem is with it.'


SHAP teachers say

'This course presents physics in a more interesting way as it focuses on practical activity and applications of physics.'

'The storylines act as a skeleton of the subject matter and really engage the students' interests in the physics.'

'I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching the course. It has changed the way I teach A level, for the better, and the excellent text books and resources make it very easy.'

'We find ourselves saying 'wow' quite a lot.'

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