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Welcome to Salters Horners Advanced Physics (SHAP)

The SHAP physics course uses up-to-date contexts to teach GCE AS/A-level physics.

SHAP was developed at the University of York. SHAP materials are published by Edexcel/Pearson and SHAP students gain their AS and A-level qualifications from Edexcel.

For more information about the SHAP course, its publications and assessment, use the 'Course' button on the left.


  • The SHAP project office provides on-going support for schools and colleges using SHAP. Add your details to our mailing list or update existing details.
  • Useful websites - access websites that enhance and support the SHAP course
  • Forums - Find out how to join email forums for teachers and technicians
  • SHAP prizes - Get details of prizes for SHAP students and teachers and download proposal forms
  • SHAP poster - Download a colourful poster for your laboratory or corridor wall (PDF)


Last Updated: March 27, 2014 | Joanna MacDonald

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