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This ancient native hardy hill breed is one of the largest in size, black on and around the nose, as well as black around the eyes, but otherwise the face is mainly white with irregular black patches, as are the legs, which are basically free of wool below the skirtings. The fleece is white, trim, even and free from hemp. Both sexes are horned.
The Lonk has been present on the Yorkshire and Lancashire Pennines for centuries, and one Lancashire flock has been traced back to 1740. Due to its geographical location this breed was endangered in the 2001 FMD outbreak.
General Information 

Lonks in their natural habitat.

© 1991 The Lonk Sheep Breeders' Association and Flock Book Society

Lonk Ram. Cock Hall Richard bred by J.W.Chadwick.

© 1991 The Lonk Sheep Breeders' Association and Flock Book Society


Average bodyweight of mature ewe: 45-54kg
Average bodyweight of mature ram: 75-91kg
Straight from ewe (16 weeks) wether lamb carcass weight: 18kg
Lambs overwintered on the hill:
Wool Characteristics
Average fleece weight: 2.25-3kg
Staple length average: 10-15cm
Bradford count: 46-54
Main uses: rugs, blankets, tweeds, hand knitting wools
Average Prolificacy
Ewe lambs: 221%
Shearling ewes: 263%
Mature ewes: 307%
 Main Uses of the Breed

This breed can live on the poorest grazing and survive throughout the year on bleak moors. The ewes are good, prolific mothers, frequently crossed with Continental and Down rams for production of long lambs suited to modern tastes.

Crossbreds produced with ewes of other upland breeds, such as the Dalesbred, Swaledale, Welsh and Scottish Blackface, provide bigger lambs and improve wool quality.


 Shows and Sales

The breed show for the Lonk is held each autumn, and the breed can be seen at other major shows in Britain.

 Society Details

Lonk Sheep Breeders Association
Secretary: Mrs J Shorrock, 51 Glen View Road, Burnley, Lancashire, BB11 2QW
Tel: 01282 433047

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