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The University of York is in the foremost group of universities in the UK, with an outstanding record of teaching, research and training across scientific disciplines. The York team working on this project provide interdisciplinary expertise across the programme from climate change modelling, plant physiology biochemistry and molecular breeding to operating field trials in developing world countries and socioeconomic assessments of impact. They have a strong track record of integrating scientific discovery with development and delivery of strategic projects. The team includes scientists in the Centre for Novel Agricultural Products (CNAP) and in the York Environmental Sustainability Institute (YESI), both based at the University.s.

Project Principal Investigator: Professor Ian Graham
Co-Investigators: Professor Sue Hartley, Professor Jane Hill, Professor Phil Ineson,
Dr Samarthia Thankappan

Cornell University, USA is both a private endowed university and the federal land-grant institution of New York State. Among its 14 colleges and schools, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences provides in-depth knowledge and expertise to this project in the areas of genomics, plant breeding, biological statistics, international agriculture and rural development. It has tremendous depth of experience and an outstanding track record in managing projects in the developing world. Cornell’s contribution to this project is led by Professor Susan McCouch, who is well known for her pioneering studies on molecular mapping in rice and the development of genomics-based platforms and next generation approaches to explore the extent and distribution of natural variation in rice germplasm.

Co-Investigator: Professor Susan McCouch

The Central Rice Research Institute (CRRI), Cuttack, India is a premier national institute working on basic, strategic and applied aspects of rice. CRRI has developed more than 84 high yielding rice varieties for various ecosystems including drought and flood prone areas, employing both conventional and molecular breeding approaches. It has an extensive collection of germplasm along with established infrastructure facilities for screening germplasm against drought and other abiotic and biotic stresses. It has very good linkage with farmers and conducts ‘on farm research’/participatory varietal selection. A multidisciplinary team is working on the genetic improvement of elite lines with tolerance to drought using advanced breeding approaches.

Co-Investigators: Dr Sushanta Kumar Dash, Dr Padmini Swain, Dr Lambodar Behera, Dr Biswanath Sadangi

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Judith Mitchell
Project Coordinator
Tel: +44 (0) 1904 328752

CNAP, Department of Biology
University of York, YORK
YO10 5DD, UK