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The breeding programme was extensive: over 23,000 plants were screened for useful traits as parental lines with 768 different hybrid crosses made, of these 268 of the most promising hybrids were taken forward for field trials.  Of all the hybrids field trialled, a rigorous selection process based on consistent field performance, artemisinin content and seed productivity identified two hybrids which have been released commercially.  These are Hyb1209r (Shennong) and Hyb8001r (Zenith) – their basic characteristics are summarised below and further information can be found here:


Hybrid 1209r Shennong

Hybrid 1209r Shennong

    1. Maximum concentration 1.52% (Kenya)
    2. Maximum leaf dry weight 2908 kg/ha (China)
    3. Maximum yield 36.3 kg/ha (China)
hybrid 8001r Zenith

Hybrid 8001r Zenith

    1. Maximum concentration 1.44% (Madagascar)
    2. Maximum leaf dry weight 4488 kg/ha (China)
    3. Maximum yield 54.5 kg/ha (Madagascar)

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