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Artemisia growing in Madagascar
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If you require any information about the research project please contact Caroline Calvert (  Inquiries related to commercial seed purchase should be directed to Michael McDaniel at East-West Seed International ( 

Further information about CNAP hybrids can be found on a dedicated website:

CNAP Artemisia Research Project
Department of Biology (Area 7)
University of York, Heslington, York
YO10 5DD, UK

Update, October 2013.

The CNAP Artemisia Research Project has successfully developed new hybrid varieties of the medicinal plant Artemisia annua; the primary source of the leading anti-malarial drug artemisinin.

We have two hybrid varieties that can now be purchased in large quantities from East-West Seed International, our commercialisation partner.  East-West Seed are market leaders in breeding and commercialising hybrid seeds throughout Asia and their expertise in field-based seed production means that seed supplies are sustainable and can be purchased at a very competitive price. 

Our research has provided a major resource of information on A. annua and we are continuing to study the biology and agronomy of this important plant.  We are grateful to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for their continued financial support for our research and development programme on A. annua.  The ongoing work in CNAP with East-West Seed will ensure continued improvement of hybrids and a sustainable delivery of A. annua hybrids to market. 

In addition, we are actively pursuing the development of a technology platform using A. annua as a production system for new, biologically-active molecules.  This is an exciting area of research and will significantly contribute to our industrial biotechnology programme in CNAP. 

Professor Ian Graham,
Project Principal Investigator,
CNAP Director.

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