CNAP Artemisia Project

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Project Staff
Name Role  
Professor Ian Graham Principal Investigator
Mariya Budarina Research Technician
Dr Caroline Calvert Project Manager
Dr Theresa Catania  Research Associate
Dr Tomasz Czechowski Research Team Leader
David Harvey Senior Technician
Dr Wendy Lawley IP & Contracts Manager
Dr Tony Larson    Head of Metabolite profiling facility
Dr Yi Li   Information Management & Bioinformatics Manager

We acknowledge the valuable input from members of the original research team from 2006-2012, who have now moved on to other research posts in the UK or elsewhere.  Particular thanks to Professor Dianna Bowles (now Emeritus) who was co-PI on the project with Professor Ian Graham until she retired from the Chair of Biochemistry at the University of York in May 2012.


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