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This hybrid was selected due to its high biomass and good artemisinin content. This variety is generally suited to most growing environments and is a robust crop which establishes quickly in the field.

Hyb8001r was trialled at 13 independent sites in China, India, Madagascar and Uganda; data for artemisinin concentration, dry leaf weight and yield was obtained from each site. The maximum concentration observed was 1.44% (Madagascar), maximum leaf dry weight 4488 kg/ha (China) and maximum yield obtained 54.5 kg/ha (Madagascar).

For an information sheet click on the image, this sheet also provides further metabolic data on the hybrid as well as a Chinese translation of the key points.


Hyb8001r - Download PDF information sheet

  Chinese Registration 

Seeds for this hybrid may be purchased for use in China as Hyb8001r is formally registered under the name  药客佳蒿1号 – click here to see the registration certificate.  The hybrid was registered by the Chongqinq Academy of Materia Medica to CNAP, University of York. 

The Chinese name given to the hybrid conforms to the naming system in China: 药客佳蒿1号 is pronounced “YaoKe JiaHao YiHao", the first two characters sound like York and mean medicine people, the middle two characters mean good Artemisia variety, and the last two mean No1 in the series.

chinese registration certificate

Artemisia F1 seed - field

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