Accessibility statement

‌‌How to apply for the Masters courses

The information on this page relates to the NSC administered Masters courses which are taught in either the Department of English and Related Literature or Language and Linguistic Science in the Spring Term only.  If you are interested in MA-level variants of the YorkCourse being taught at the Norwegian Study Centre, please contact to discuss your options.

 Conditions of admission

In order to qualify for admission to the course, applicants must have obtained 80 study points in English, of which at least 20 study points are from the 200-level (second year) of a lower degree, or its equivalent. As good academic ability is required for this course, a minimum grade of B, or equivalent, is a normal condition of entry.

Applicants must be registered as Masters level students in English at a Norwegian institution. Before taking up the course in York, applicants should have completed a term of studies at the Masters level in Norway. Under special circumstances, a student may be permitted to take the course in York before completing these other components of their degree course, but this may only be done with the consent of either the English Department or the Linguistics Department at the student’s home institution.

The application form

We request that applications to the Spring 2022 term be in by 15 October 2021. To ensure that the application ends up with us, we ask that you apply as if for the YorkCourse, through the undergraduate visiting student system, but make it clear in your personal statement that you are applying for one term of master modules in either the Dept. of Linguistics or the Dept of English. We ask that you also print out the application form here: Application form U of Y Master 2022 (PDF , 161kb). fill in the form, scan it and send it to the director's email.


For future courses and/or details of any new MA-level courses you can also register interest via

Details of the course can be found by either using the links on the left, or from the English department at your Norwegian University.