• Date and time: Wednesday 20 May 2015, 6.30pm
  • Location: Ron Cooke Hub auditorium
  • Admission: is by free ticket only. Please book below.

Event details

Research in Focus presents the Roundhouse Lecture

Digital games are socially, culturally and economically important - bigger than film or music - with a UK industry valued at over £3 billion. The UK government and the games industry have over £30 million invested currently for research into games and digital creativity led by the University of York, in the NEMOG (www.nemog.org), IGGI (www.iggi.org.uk) and Digital Creativity Hub (DC Hub) projects.

This talk will focus on two aspects of the research to date: We will talk about (i) how we have used search approaches based on random simulations (so called Monte Carlo approaches) to make better Artificial Intelligence (AI) for games; (ii) work done at York to investigate immersive and social experiences that players have while playing, using the tools of human-computer interaction (HCI); (iii) a glimpse of the future of games research at York and the tantalising prospects of games as a tool to understand and help people, do science, provide new cultural experiences, and provide economic prosperity through working with the games industry.

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